The Oldest Football Clubs 



Football has now become one of the oldest sport and arguably the biggest sport in the world. Football is watched by millions around the world on a daily basis. This has made it even a good business. 

Below let’s look at the some of the oldest football clubs in the world. 

On Number One is Notts County-1862 

A question is often asked whenever the club is mentioned. Why it was formed when they were no other clubs to play against. The available records show that the club played matches as early as November 28 in 1862. 

That makes it the oldest club officially recognised and still playing in the football league. 

Stoke City- 1863 

According to a sports article by goldenriviera casinoStoke City football club was known as Stoke Ramblers when it was first formed in the year 1863. The club was initially made up of schools kids from Charter House School. They decided to make a team when they were apprentices at North Staffordshire Railway. 


Another Club on the List Is Nottingham Forest – 1865 

It’s important to note that the club was a multi-sports club when it was formed in 1865. The team was called Nottingham Forest Football and Bandy Club. The club was formed by players who were in Nottingham at the time. 

Sheffield Wednesday -1867 

Initially it was a cricket club and one of the cricket clubs that were successful in Sheffield. The formation of the club was around 1820. However players decided to form a football club so they could play and stay fit during winter. Since cricket could not be played in winter. 

The football club became more popular than the cricket team and it became Sheffield Wednesday. 

These are some though not limited to, oldest football clubs. Taking time to read about football club is another thing real money casino players can try during free time. Football history is sure interesting. 

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