Will Smith is a Manchester United supporter



Internationally acclaimed and big box office draw Will Smith is a Manchester United fan; somewhat. The original “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” himself did an appearance on TalkSport radio to promote his most recent movie about the NFL’s concussion crisis, and how the league covered it up.

Will Smith should have received an Academy Award nomination for his performance, but was shut out. Of course, that’s another story for another time. While doing the segment, Smith was asked if he developed an interest in football during his time in England.

Smith was asked if he developed an interest in any team in particular. Quote via ESPN FC:

 “It was three years ago, I think. We were there [at the stadium] and I watched a game,” Smith replied.

“I got a little spark — I felt this spark.”


Will Smith isn’t the first ’90s rapper to take an interest in the club. Dr. Dre received a signed United kit as a 50th birthday present. Also, here’s a link to Ice Cubs and Kevin Hart discussing the Manchester United-Manchester City rivalry. Looks like you can add Smith to the expansive list of A-list celebrity United supporters.

The list includes Miley Cyrus, Usain Bolt and many many more.

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