Funniest Memes Poking Fun at Louis van Gaal Dive



Who says Manchester United is boring under Louis van Gaal? Well, the dull, tedious style we’ve seen on the pitch this season has actually gotten a lot more interesting as of late, as the Red Devils are scoring much more now. Van Gaal has always been interesting off the pitch in his news conferences, now he got animated and entertaining on the pitch as well.

You can tell that Van Gaal is under stress when he takes to such theatrics when protesting a call. Watch the original footage here as he dives on the sideline:

United would go on to win 3-2 over a very good Arsenal side, so in the end they got the last laugh.

Now to the memes that are making “Van Gaal” a top ten trending term on the internet right now. Perhaps the most popular is this one “showing us who was really responsible” for the slip of Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard against Chelsea’s Demba Ba in 2014.

It was a slip that we’ll all never forget given the implications it had on the title race.

Van Gaal depicted as the real life man who walked a high wire across the World Trade Center towers and inspired the 2015 Robert Zemeckis film “The Walk.”

Maybe the hands-down winner of them all:

Van Gaal would later apologize for his antics:

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