Ryan Giggs Has an Interesting Take on Cristiano Ronaldo Transfer


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Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has a very interesting take on what motivated Cristiano Ronaldo to leave Real Madrid after nine years and join Juventus. Giggs, who played alongside Ronaldo at United, says that CR7’s obsession with being compared to Lionel Messi propelled the move to a different country and a new league.

Ronaldo and Messi have duopolized the Ballon d’Or over the past decade, as each man has claimed the award five times, fostering a huge individual rivalry between the two superstars.


No other player has claimed the award over that time span, and Giggs believed that Ronaldo made the £88 million €100m transfer to further distinguish and differentiate himself from the Barca talisman.

Speaking with ITV Sport (transcript Daily Post Nigeria), Giggs said: “I’m surprised that he would leave Real Madrid and go to Italy.

“I think it’s a big challenge for him but he’s going to a huge club. Having that on your CV… Real Madrid, Man United and Juventus. It’s some CV.”

“He’s obsessed with being better than Messi. He has that now that: ‘I did it in England, I did it in Spain, I’m going to do it in Italy… and I did it with Portugal’. So maybe that will be his argument when people ask: ‘Is Ronaldo better than Messi?’.”


Giggs does make a good point, as Ronaldo did allude to this being the right time to take on new challenges in his goodbye letter. Sure, “new challenges” is standard, tests well on focus groups kind of boilerplate for official goodbye letters, but that doesn’t mean it’s not also true in this case.

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  1. finn christensen says

    Very nice. I go with the majority here:True, Messi is (beyond the media hype) actually way better player than Ronaldo, and one of all time greatest. They have always competed on goals, that`s why we try to compare them as if they where on the same level as players. Ive wathced them both for years and there is no way I can say Ronaldo is as good. But the media led show must go on and great it is.

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