Mason Greenwood: United Release Statement on Status of Suspended Forward


Manchester United forward Mason Greenwood remains suspended indefinitely by the club. This status has not changed, despite the fact that his profile still appears on the club website. The 20-year-old Englishman was charged with rape and assault in January, but he was soon out on bail. He has been dropped by his sponsors, but with his presence remaining on the club site, supporters have wondered aloud whether or not Greenwood was reinstated.

These inquiries forced to release a statement on the matter. “There has been no change whatsoever in Mason’s status,” it read (h/t The Sun).

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“We removed his profile from the club app soon after he was removed from the squad in January. This was in order to remove Mason from interactive elements of the app, such as team predictions etc.

“However, his profile was never removed from the website as he remains a Manchester United player, albeit not currently part of the squad while the legal process unfolds.”

So there you have it, he’s still a member of the squad. However, it’s almost certain he won’t be play again this season, and actually pretty unlikely he every plays for MUFC again. Look across town Benjamin Mendy, the Man City defender who is also facing rape charges. It’s very doubtful that he’ll ever suit up again for the Sky Blues.

And while Greenwood remains suspended, it’s not without pay.

Last month The Sun uncovered that Greenwood added £267,850 in wages since getting suspended. That’s a lot of money for NOT working, and that’s life as an entitled superstar footballer.

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  1. Colin Clarke says

    The comment at the end about ‘believing they are above the law’ is unfair and unwarranted. In the civilized world an accused remains innocent until they plead or are proven guilty in a court of law. I do believe no matter what the outcome Mason will not play for United again, but until this matter is sorted or his contract expires he has to be paid. Otherwise it could be seen as a presumption of guilt.

  2. I think this is a very poor article. Obviously you should be ashamed putting this up for fans to read.

  3. Rita Oberholzer says

    He is still innocent until proved guilty.
    Mason has grown at United and is a huge part of the team irrespective of what the article says.. Of course he will never play for United again unfortunately.. Another team will certainly approach him after all is said and done..

  4. We are hoping that one day he will overcome the accusations and come back stronger

  5. Anonymous says

    we are praying for him (MASON GREENWOOD) to be back in the pitch earlier.

  6. I think he is innocent until he is proved guilty

  7. I am really missing him and i am praying on him to come back and help somewhere

  8. I think the fc(man u) should render a help for him(Mason Greenwood) so that he can still pls for the team the guy is to young for bad career ?

  9. Whenever you keep hinting about his United future, which majority assert in the negative, I feel like regrets will never cease at Old Trafford. He’s such a young start that no team would ever wish to lose. Wherever he goes, if he must go anyways, hurts won’t cease.

  10. Dave Okpako says

    I feel the Man united board has to back him(Mason) up at this trying times,but I believe he will come back better and stronger.

  11. Some of these comments make me sick. Support for Mason, back Mason up, presumed innocent til proven guilty? Behave the lot of you. You all saw the video and heard the audio. Mason Greenwood is at best an female abusing asshole and at worst a rapist. The fact United has paid a quarter of a million dollars is an absolute disgrace.

    Bet the most of y’all who are defending him still think Harvey Weinstein is innocent. Pathetic.

  12. I wish masson greenwood back because he was a big key player at man u club .One day he will be free.

  13. Ten Ghee says

    Mason will come back stronger ….Take heart and overcome the accusations ….Man united needs more of this kid…We miss him in the Red Manchester ??

  14. Anonymous says

    Man united need to bring back mason cause his a hungry player of man utd he need to come and stronger the team in scoring goals we dnt want to loose him whatever thing he do we know he’s guilty of what he do

  15. Anonymous says

    where is greenwood now and what is he doing now?

  16. please u no any boby is doing mistake in this world,but what i’m trying to said is that,please and please u people should reales him please.u know even teeth and thong are scraching each other so let u people allow him i’m saing this is not in my honor,but please u people should allow him ,give second chance

  17. I think Greenwood is innocent and trustworthy until he is proved guilty????

  18. I love to see him playing,I miss him,I think united should please with the high Curt so that guy will help

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