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The slow news cycle of the international break is certainly over now; with authority. It’s the Thursday ahead of the massive Premier League clash at Chelsea, and we have a lot of big Manchester United news topics to get to. Let’s dive right in.

Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira gave a very revealing interview to UOL Esporte and it lifted the lid on the Jose Mourinho versus Paul Pogba row.

Apparently, the rift is over an Instagram post made by the Frenchman.

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You’ll recall the infamous video of Mourinho and Pogba having an obvious training ground tiff from three weeks ago?

The discord there stems from Pogba posting a video on Instagram showing him laughing with teammates including Pereira during their third round League Cup elimination loss at the hands of Derby County on September 25.

Mourinho believed the video was posted after they had lost the match, while in reality it was published while United was winning.

“Pogba posted the video before and it was a video of him, me and Luke Shaw laughing,” said Pereira.

“We were winning 1-0 at the time of the video. Then we lost the game, and people said that Pogba had posted it later. But he posted it before.

“The manager thought that Pogba had posted it later. He asked him why that happened. There was an atmosphere about it.”

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Pereira added that the relationship between the manager and the players is congenial, despite multiple media reports claiming the opposite.

“The relationship is good, it’s calm. I have a very good relationship with him, with the players. He does, too, have a good relationship with the players,” Pereira continued.

“People don’t feel that pressure that those on the outside [press] do. Everyone says he’s being turned away. We do not feel it. For you to have an idea, I do not usually have any English media on my cell phone so I do not get intoxicated with everything they say.”

“He is our coach, we give our life on the field for him and he does for us as well. Everyone is very calm, very focused and very happy.”

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Elsewhere, Luke Shaw has signed a new long term contract extension with the club (more at this link). Multiple outlets are reporting are reporting the new deal, which has yet to be confirmed officially by the club. This link at Sky Sports has more.

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