Manchester United have third best league title odds



Manchester United could have gone top of the table had they found the wherewithal to score a second goal at King Power Stadium this past weekend. Instead, they reside in third place, exactly in line with their odds of winning the league title outright.

So who’s the favorite? What about the long shots? Top football betting sites like this one link to sports book handicapping the league title race. Here are the latest odds on winning the Premier League championship (via

Manchester City 5-6

Arsenal 5-2

Manchester United 5-1

Liverpool 16-1

Tottenham Hotspur 25-1

Chelsea 50-1

Leicester City 100-1

Everton 500-1

Southampton 750-1

Crystal Palace 1500-1

West Ham 2000-1


Those Arsenal odds could slide down the pecking order once we learn how long Alexis Sanchez will be out. His injury could be pretty serious.  I’m not shocked at all to see Leicester City, the biggest surprise of this season given such unfavorable odds. Everyone thinks the Foxes will fall, but I am shocked to see Chelsea granted better odds than Leicester.

The Blues, currently in 14th place, are still in dysfunction junction and it’s hard to feel confident that they’ll get their house in order enough to make up the ground they need.

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