Jose Mourinho Throws Shade at the Concept of Midseason International Friendlies


jose mourinho

Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho has performed the “us against the world” motivation yet again This isn’t the first, nor the second, but yes now it’s the third time this month that Mourinho has thrown shade at the powers that be regarding the fixture schedule construction.

The Football Association, the English Premier League, UEFA, everyone is fair game in this regard according to Mourinho. This time, the Portugese got very unfriendly on those who schedule the friendlies.

jose mourinho

Jose Mourinho told Sky Sports: “I am totally against the friendly matches.”

“I think friendly matches for the national team only make sense before the final phases.”

“A couple of weeks before the Euros or a couple of weeks before the World Cup makes sense. But midseason friendly matches mixed with qualification matches, I don’t think that makes sense.

“On top of that the matches are not really big matches so I am not a big fan. But I think one day I will be there so I cannot be very critical.

“I don’t know how but both central defenders got injured in the English camp even before the match.

“The match was on the Sunday against Lithuania and they were injured in the training session.”


To be honest, no one likes international breaks, and so very few pay attention to them. Midseason international friendlies draw so little interest that Jose Mourinho is right to slam them. You have competition where almost no one cares, and you still have the injury threat to players. It’s risk but no reward.

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