Alexis Sanchez Once Locked Himself Out and Ran 8K Home After Training


alexis sanchez

Before Alexis Sanchez moved to Manchester United and became the Premier League’s best paid player, he was a star at Arsenal and Barcelona. Prior to his days with the big clubs however, the Chilean cut his teeth at Udinese. It was there that Sanchez worked on bulking up and sculpting his frame.

Italian journalist Pietro Oleotto reflected back on this era, when Sanchez was skinny and striving to better himself. Paying his dues meant conditioning, and one day Alexis Sanchez got some unexpected and unplanned conditioning in after training.

Oleotto told the tale in a post on United’s official website: “Once, after training, Alexis drove into Udine to do some shopping. But he accidentally locked his keys and mobile phone in his car,” Oleotto said.

alexis sanchez

“I’m not sure what most people would have done, but he just ran home. He jogged the 8km from the heart of the city to his house in the hills. Bemused locals saw him in his club tracksuit running and called us at the paper. It was typical of Alexis to turn the situation into an improvised cross-country run.”

That must have been a site to behold- Alexis Sanchez running through the streets in his official club training gear. Credit the stellar forward though for making the utmost of a bad and potentially embarrassing situation. It’s what champions do.

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