Man City Star Raheem Sterling Hopes to Play in MLS One Day


raheem sterling

European football superstars crossing the pond to play in American Major League Soccer in the sunset seasons of their career has certainly become a popular trend lately. Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling could be yet another example, as he declared his interest in plying his trade in MLS someday.

Who knows, maybe he’ll defy convention and make the shift earlier in his career than the others did? Either way, it probably won’t be for a long while, as Sterling is only 24 years old. The English international was in the USA this week, where he spoke at the Wall Street Journal’s Everything Festival’s in New York City.


“English football has grown massively over here. It wasn’t like that in the past and it’ll continue to get bigger,” the former Liverpool man said, noticing the recent surge in popularity of the English game stateside.

“I was surprised walking out of the hotel today and being recognized by one or two people. I didn’t expect that over here. This is a country I would one day love to be able to come to. Your weather is a lot better over here than ours is. Hopefully one day I can bring my family over here.”

Raheem Sterling was then asked specifically about the idea of playing in MLS sometime in the future.

“There’s always games on our tele at the training ground, we’re either watching this or the Australian League,” he answered.

“For sure, this [MLS] is growing in the UK, and people are really taking it in and want to come over. I hopefully want to have a career here as well.”


It’s interesting what he said there about his team watching MLS games at the training ground. It seems we’re really having a foreign exchange program with both English speaking leagues growing in popularity in the opposite countries.

In terms of where Raheem Sterling may end up someday in MLS, New York City FC would be the first, natural destination, given the link in ownership group.

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