Liverpool, Loris Karius Have Very Rough Day on Social Media


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Liverpool are still major Premier League title contenders- today’s disastrous result does not change that. However, they really missed Philippe Coutinho today, as they blew 2-0 and 3-1 leads against AFC Bournemouth to fall 4-3 in a Sunday thriller.

Unfortunately, phenomena such as this has become all too common for Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool.

They have a tendency to play up or down to their competition. Time and time this year, and in the previous season, we’ve seen the Reds put in a dominant performance and defeat en elite team one week, then lose badly to a mid or lower table team the very next.


Bournemouth came in with just 15 points and are now 10th in the table, after their upset over the Reds.

And when the blown leads and unexpected defeats to lesser competition occur, social media erupts. Right now Liverpool has become LOLiverpool once again on Twitter. The team is a top ten trending term nationally right now and a lot of it is schadenfreude. Thus, we present to you some of the more entertaining and informative Tweets reacting to the Liverpool loss.

Loris Karius got destroyed on the pitch, and on Twitter today:

A bit melodramatic here but I get his drift

You knew one of these would show up-

This is funny:

Ha, well played!

Another good zinger-

Great commentary on the parity of the Premier League, Liverpool are now in third, one point behind Arsenal, four behind Chelsea.

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