Jurgen Klopp Backs Up Dejan Lovren’s Boastful Remarks


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Liverpool and Croatia defender Dejan Lovren used the afterglow of his nation’s World Cup semifinal victory over England as a chance to hit back at his critics. Three days ago Lovren said he fancies himself one of the best defenders in the world, and yesterday his club manager Jurgen Klopp backed up the boastful remarks.

While many Liverpool fans would obviously disagree with Lovren’s very inflated self-assessment, Klopp’s statements yesterday will no doubt inspire a few Reds supporters to reconsider their views of the Croatian defender

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“It would be better if somebody else would say that and not Dejan, but actually he’s right,” Klopp said following his side’s third preseason friendly, a goalless draw with Bury.

“People don’t think about that, but if you go into detail it’s not a big surprise that (the Croatian national team) are where they are.”

On the eve of the World Cup Final between France and Croatia, the German gave some excellent expertise on the side that no one expected to be here.

“They don’t have world-class full-backs, but in the end they don’t concede. They are offensive in the midfield with Rakitic, Brozovic, Modric, so somebody needs to fix all that. Dejan is a big part of that.”

“He was for us in the Champions League final, three years ago he was in the Europa League final, yes he didn’t win that. In the Champions League final, I didn’t see two better centre-halves than him — only more ruthless.”

“That’s the thing. For me, it’s no surprise. He played a really good World Cup, but to do it consistently is more important. We will work together for a long time, so I will have the opportunity to help him. Next time I will say it.”

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The full Dejan Lovren quote being referred to is “Without being arrogant I think I have [been proved to be one of the best defenders in the world]. Definitely.”

Within a matter of minutes, Lovren will have the chance to make his play do all the talking. Liverpool defenders are a much maligned position group. Over the past couple of seasons we have seen them made the subject of punchlines and condescending GIFs on social media.

Perhaps that changes this season, and maybe Lovren will carry over his strong World Cup performance to the Premier League season.

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Liverpool welcome West Ham United and their new boss Manuel Pellegrini to Anfield for their first match of the season August 12.

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