Famous Faces among Bookmakers’ Ambassadors


Most bookmakers have decided to use great sports personalities as a way of marketing the gambling businesses. It is an effective means as most of the selected sports personalities usually have a huge crowd of followers which turns to be advantageous to the bookmaker. 

In such instances, the bookmakers make huge amounts of cash as gambling activities are usually set to be on the increase. This has applied to both forms of gambling both on-land gambling and online gambling. On online gambling, great followers usually have a chance to play with celebrities, get to chat with fans and associate with many gambling activities which automatically increases traffic and transactions on the site.

Why Famous People are Important for British Bookies?

The appearance of a famous sports personality and other forms of celebrities in a sportsbook is very important in the marketing and business aspect of it. The presence which attracts more punters assures the bookmaker that there is the right audience and it’s the best time to showcase different lucrative features of the bookmaker. 

This form of advertisement allows fans of a particular celebrity to love particular UK sites for non Gamstop betting and in such the number of gambling activities increase. In such instances, most gambling transactions take place like money transfers to different accounts, numerous deposits, and withdrawals all this for the sake of gambling.


Bookmakers’ Ambassadors

The great sports ambassadors who could star in any game be it boxing, football or even poker star are usually selected with an aim of promoting gambling companies and products. They have been noted as one of the best ways of advertising. Take a look at some of the greatest brand ambassadors who bring a positive impact in the business arena.

McGregor and PariMatch

Conor MacGregor, a mixed martial arts superstar is the latest brand ambassador of the international betting app for Android – PariMatch. The icon who has greatly helped the betting company with development and growth strategy has equally attracted more gamblers as his characters have blended well providing more flexible layouts.


Neymar Jr and Pokerstars

Neymar is one of the best footballers of the times, his fame has seen most companies benefit from his presence and engagement in different betting sites. Due to the high football profile attached to him, the Brazil captain has brought numerous followers on board at the Pokerstars site. The site which also provides a live event session offers its fans an opportunity to play live with the football superstar.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Pokerstars

Pokerstars signed a partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo, a great footballer who has been the best player several times and has really helped his country Portugal win several cups and world tournaments. The brand ambassador who has more than 100 million Facebook followers remains a big trading icon especially at times when he participates in the live events. The star draws many gamblers’ attention making Pokerstars one of the most searched gambling sites as a result of attraction.

zlatan ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and BetHard

Ibrahimovic, a Swedish experienced footballer who is known across the globe for his top striking skills and a couple of advertisements for British bookies. A one-time top player and best player, the footballer collaborated with BetHard an established online betting casino site that provides a variety of casino games. The ambassador who is keen on promoting BetHard casino has drawn most of his fans and followers to this site making it yet another active ground for punters.


Brand promotion is key to any business strategy that has a well-defined objective. This form of the campaign, in the long run, increases the number of clients in a site or a bookmaker. The presence of brand ambassadors is a well-thought strategy for gambling business which has recently proved to be one of the most lucrative activities in the European Market.

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