Petr Cech received death threats over move from Chelsea to Arsenal



Petr Cech ended his 11 year career at Chelsea admirably. He was stellar during the decade plus he spent at Stamford Bridge, but it was time to for him to move on and seek first team opportunities elsewhere. He wasn’t going to unseat Thibaut Courtois at the Bridge, but he’ll be the favorite to win the #1 jersey at Arsenal.

There are now four goalkeepers vying for playing time at The Emirates. With Petr Cech now in the fold, who will be moving from the Emirates? Will it be Wojciech Szczesny or David Ospina? ESPN FC takes a thorough look at the situation.


In the meantime, Petr Cech received some horrifying online death threats and disgusting social media harassment. The Daily Mail has screen-shotted, and embedded them here. The Mail lists all the repugnant correspondence. Here are some of the lowlights from psychotic and disgruntled Chelsea fans. These people definitely won’t be buying a “Cech Yourself” shirt any time soon.

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