Emily Rogawski, Famous Chelsea Fan, Took in Liverpool-Everton



The Merseyside Derby, won by Liverpool 1-0 at Everton last night may have been an ugly game with plenty of unsportsmanlike displays, but it certainly did not lack for extra-curricular story lines. There were both flares and santa hats thrown onto the pitch by Liverpool supporters.

You also had Emily Rogawski, pulchritudinous Chelsea FC supporter, in attendance, wearing her famous Blues jacket.

You remember Emily Rogawski, right? She made huge internet waves two weeks ago when had really elite seats for Manchester United’s draw at Everton; an event she attended sporting her white with blue trim jacket.

Last night she again was at Goodison Park, and again wearing the same outfit, and like before conveying allegiance to neither side that was actually playing.

She also posted a photo on her Instagram account after the match, with he caption: “So great seeing @iamdanielsturridge make his return & an immediate impact”. Additionally, Rogawski posted these two photos to Twitter.

So who is Emily Rogawksi again?

She’s an American student from New York City who moved to England, and she’s a huge fan of Chelsea FC and the United States National Team. Once the cameras caught her at Goodison Park on December 4th, the world became aware of her photogenic traits, and then social media was off and running.

Then so did all the British tabloids, and she quickly became an international star. We profiled her in detail at this link, and then followed up on her endeavors again in the Chelsea news section.

emily rogawski


We reached out to Emily Rogawksi an email interview, but our message was not returned.

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