Antonio Conte Says His Family Worries if He’s Calm on the Touchline


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Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte is known for his hyperactivity on the touchline. His supporters love the histrionics, as it conveys strong passion to them. His detractors deride it, as they feel it makes appear foolish. In the infamous war of words between Conte and Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, this was one of his adversary’s attack points.

Mourinho, when questioned about his own level of passion, responded by talking about managers who “act like a clown” on the touchline. This was a thinly veiled swipe at Conte. 

Among Conte’s family though, his acting out is viewed as a positive thing, as this lets his loved ones know that he is indeed feeling himself.

“They start to be worried when they don’t see me very active (during the game), because it means I’m not happy. They don’t recognize me,” Antonio Conte revealed during his prematch news conference on Friday. 

“My father watched the game against Watford and said, ‘I didn’t see you with the right anger, with the right passion. You finished the game with your voice (normal, not lost); it’s not for you, this.’ You must have passion in every game, if you play against Barcelona or with a low team. It doesn’t matter.”

“Honestly I don’t think against Watford my passion was less. For sure it was a strange night for everyone, but I don’t think my passion was less,” the Italian continued.

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“Maybe in the future when I become older, then for sure I have to try to stay more calm and be more relaxed in the game, but I think also this is my strength, to stay on the touchline and push my players, push myself.”

You know how people always says these days- “you do you.” Well, in the case of Antonio Conte, it sounds like a very healthy idea, and it certainly alleviates concern in his father.

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