Evaluating the Top Four Bundesliga Title Contenders


The new Bundesliga season is set to get underway in mid-August, and predictions are already flying about as to who will be taking the crown at the end of the season. While the answer might actually be obvious to many, we might still see a few surprises. 

There are some teams that could give you a few good bets for a win, but Bayern Munich are most definitely the favorites right now; just as they usually are this time of the year. However, there are some other Bundesliga teams that have the potential to pull off a surprise win. 

Bayern Munich

Clearly, Bayern Munich are the favorites to win the Bundesliga again. If people think a team like Manchester City is dominant in the Premier League, Bayern is the equivalent of City – but on steroids. They are just too good and have a full team of incredible players. 

They lifted the trophy again this past season, along with winning the DFL Supercup, the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. Their Champions League run was disappointing, however, as they only made it to the quarter-finals and could not defend their title. 

However, Robert Lewandowski is proving to be one of the best ever, scoring 48 goals last season, and being seemingly unstoppable at times. Bayern also only lost four games throughout the entire Bundesliga last season, drawing just six games along the way. 

While there are other teams that put in very, very good performances, the problem is that they aren’t close to Bayern’s level. Barring an incredible run of bad luck, it is hard to see any other team seriously competing for first place with the Munich giants. 

Borussia Dortmund

Speaking of a team that could pull off a surprise win, Borussia Dortmund finished third last season, one point behind second place Leipzig. Even though Bayern has been so dominant, Dortmund do have the personnel to change that.

Unfortunately, they already lost one of their stars, Jadon Sancho, to Manchester United. But Erling Haaland is set to stay, and with youngsters like Jude Bellingham and Thorgan Hazard in their ranks, they are only set to ascend. 

Hazard in particular, had a very good Euro 2020 tournament and was most definitely the best Hazard at the event. While Bellingham didn’t get to play much last season, he has now fully settled in at BVB. 

With this combination of youngsters, plus the experience provided by players such as Axel Witsel, Mats Hummels, Marco Reus and the like, they certainly have the capabilities of winning the Bundesliga.  

Redbull Leipzig

A team that pulled off a major surprise last season is Redbull Leipzig. Considering that this was only their 12th season in existence finishing second, above the likes of Borussia Dortmund, was an incredible achievement. 

They also finished second in their Champions League group, above Manchester United, and this was even after losing some big name players, such as Timo Werner, who went to Chelsea. 

They have a squad of young players who are definitely looking to leave their mark on the league, and if they can build upon what they did last season, Leipzig could be a team that others in the league will come to fear. 

Out of the top four teams in the Bundesliga table last season, they scored the fewest goals (60). compared to Bayern Munich who scored 99. While they will be looking to up these numbers, it is proof that they are a team that can win a low scoring game. This the style of game they play is based on defending, which is a massive strength for them. 


In a season that was seemingly dominated by draws, Wolfsburg were still able to gather enough points to finish 4th in the league. Wolfsburg are on this list because they have potential to be the dark horse of the season – the German version of the 2015/16 Leicester side, a team that many may overlook, but may end up regretting having not taken seriously. 

The team is still quite young though, with not many, if really any, big name players. However, they do work well together; something that bigger teams with bigger players struggle to do at times. More often than not, just being a well-oiled machine will ultimately prove better than only having a few big-name players. 

While we will still have to wait and see if their stellar performance from last season was a fluke or not, Wolfsburg showed potential – and potential is more than enough to give themselves a shot at the trophy. 

As mentioned in the beginning, Bayern Munich are looking just too good for the rest of the league right now, however, this could also be their downfall. While they haven’t shown themselves to be a team that gets complacent and over-confident, you never know when it might happen – and there are teams waiting to swoop in and steal the crown from their heads if/when they do. 


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