Best Type of Mattress for Soccer Athletes


Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world today. We’re all waiting to see who will win the Premier League, and for our national team players, the 2018 World Cup is just around the corner. However, have you ever asked yourself what makes a good soccer player?

Of course, for the past decade, we’ve witnessed one of the greatest football rivalries between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Both players have almost the same number of individual awards and achieved milestones in the world of football.

So, what makes them this good? Well, by looking at different try mattress reviews, I’m sure they’ve invested a lot on what their beds. With that said, here are the best brands for all soccer enthusiasts.

Bear Mattress

Although it’s somewhat expensive, it’s my best option. It has all the features of a comfortable mattress but with a cover that’s Celliant-infused. With this kind of material, you also enjoy fantastic health. It absorbs all the heat from your body and changes it into infrared light. This light is responsible for the additional health benefits. It helps the body in the oxygenation process and improves metabolism and regeneration.

It comes with three layers. The first part is 1” thick memory foam gel, a 2.5 thick foam layer for a response, and a 6.5 dense foam for support. Lastly, it has a 10-year warranty, meaning that it’s guaranteed to serve you until you finish your football career.

The PerfomaSleep Mattresses

I didn’t consider PerfomaSleep to be a luxurious mattress. However, I’ve discovered that it has some of the most amazing features. So, it does not fall on my list for no reason. A closer look at it will prove to you that it’s definitely worth the price tag.

It has three carefully arranged layers, with the top being a 2” thick foam layer made from a CopperCool Gel-Foam layer. It has a density of 4Ib which makes it one of the most suitable luxury foam mattresses for soccer players.

The second layer is called Enersorb and it is 2” thick with a high-density material. This part of the mattress is meant to push-back the upper tier. Lastly, it has a 7” thick mattress base for extra support. Its 1.8Ib is guaranteed to give you a relaxing night after a tournament or training session!

Lull Gel Mattress

This memory foam mattress has one the best return policies. Interestingly, they offer 100 days trial for their product, and they also come for it if it doesn’t please you. As you can see, it’s different from other companies which offer the trial but require you to foot the cost for the return shipment.

It also has three fantastic layers for extra support and relaxation during the night. They include:

A 1.5” thick cooling-comfort layer

A 1.5” thick therapeutic section-better spinal alignment

A 7” thick polyurethane foam

Although this mattress is sufficient, it doesn’t give you the same luxurious feel as the other two on this list. However, if you like its other features, then I would gladly advise to ‘pounce’ on it soon!

Which mattress do you think is the best? Well, first, you can see that all these beds are made from memory foam which is my preferred option for relaxing and healing tired or worn-out muscles. Whichever product you pick, I think Bear mattresses are the most suitable for soccer players. This is mostly because of their Celliant materials which give them additional healing properties!

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