Mikel Arteta Openly Questions Himself as Arsenal Get Thrashed Again


You really have to wonder how much time Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has left at this point. He has to be running out of chances as things keep going from bad to worse, and worse to somehow even more worse, week to week.

Arteta, 39, was brought in to shake things up, but all he’s done is bring football that can only be described as shambolic. Today his Gunners fell 5-0 to the club Arsenal hired him away from, Manchester City.

While Arteta thrived as an assistant under Pep Guardiola, it appears he just wasn’t ready to be the main man yet. Or at least he wasn’t ready for a job this big, at a club this huge. Arteta himself was open about the doubts he has in the job he’s doing right now.

“I am really disappointed with the things that happened on the pitch,” Arteta said.

“I am more critical of myself and take the blame every single time we had defeats. I question myself and I have to look at every decision I make and change it if we think we should have done something different.

“It is time to reflect and look in the mirror, each of us, and try to change the dynamic straight away because we need to pick up results. A lot has happened in the last three weeks and we are in a difficult position.”

Yes, a very VERY “difficult” position, as they are off to their worst start since the 1950s. Their three Premier League contests have resulted in three losses and a -9 goal differential on the season. They currently sit as the absolute bottom side, and their next match will be against Norwich City, the team right above them, after the international break.

Team Captain Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang added: “I just blame us as a team because this is not enough. Against a team like Man City, 11 against 11, you have to take risks and you have to be brave on the ball and we didn’t. We need to work this out as a team.

“That is the only way to go forward. We need pride and we need to talk between each other, be honest and raise the level.”

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  1. Maybe Arteta should first take a Boulder decision and drop Leno Immediately

  2. Arteta did but to use such a formation he used against man-city.it shows that arteta had fear to opponent.

  3. My fellow arsenal fans out there I think what is going has broken a record of some good years back.But as those who have love and pride for our club,should learn how to be strong hearted because the Bibble also talks of temptation that changes children of God.Please ma fellow arsenal fans let us not leave arsenal alone as a club.If it ment to be religated let us follow arsenal as supper fans.To add on what is going on, I think arteta can not take arsenal any where so I think the club officials should have done something by now compared to poor managment by arteta. If I were one of the club officials,below should have been ma decission towards arteta and conte. ARTETA OUT OF ARSENAL CONTE INSIDE ARSENAL

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