Arsenal Fan Shreds Kit in Anger, Tries to Sell it Anyway



Well, this Arsenal supporter seems to have worked through some of the five stages of grief pretty rapidly. You can obviously see anger and bargaining on full display below. The Gunners lost to a Manchester United side that was so short-handed, the roster team sheet heavily resembled an U-21 roster.

Arsenal was done in by Marcus Rashford of all people, and Arsene Wenger’s men looked like anything but a title contender.

This Arsenal fan obviously didn’t take the loss very well.  You got to give him some credit though for still trying to make some money off his team’s misery though. That’s entrepreneurship.

So why would anyone buy this thing? Not sure what to do with a shredded Arsenal kit? Do you need some rags to wash your car? How makeshift towels for your kitchen? We’re just spit-balling ideas here. Feel free to get creative yourself in the comments section.

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  1. Peter Benovsky says

    Friends, do not confuse the cause is primarily Wenger. See his stupid tactics, our players have problems with accurate passes, holding the ball, press. Look at Barcelona and Bayern when they lose the ball immediately three throw it back into their possession. Nobody plays like Wenger, the players do not force their opponent and stand a meter and a half, waiting to see what will happen. What could happen again unless defeat. Bellerin and Walcott are uncertain, Giroud does not care, Ramsay has no concentration, just big salaries keep Sanchez and Ozil for now. We need a good and ambitious coach, he will collect the necessary players. Wenger must go immediately, Wenger is the problem …

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