Arsene Wenger Wanted to Extend EFL Cup Rout for Some Reason



After his side got utterly routed in the EFL Cup yesterday, Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger told a news conference that he actually wanted to extend the blowout. Yes, Wenger made some comments that essentially provided the perfect definition of masochism. Down 3-0 and looking just awful all around all day, the Frenchman actually wanted more stoppage time, which would have only prolonged the suffering for Arsenal supporters everywhere.

“When I asked the fourth official why he didn’t give more stoppage time… he replied by saying ‘why do you want more time?’” Wenger said in his post EFL Cup presser.

“I said ‘its not down to you to judge how much time.’”

arsene wenger

Wenger harping on the officials has been one of the most prevalent themes this Arsenal season, with the embattled manager verbally going after the referees with especially aggressive vigor very early on in 2018. Wenger’s harshest words for the refs came at the same time that Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and Chelsea boss Antonio Conte were having their bitter feud. 

When you put all of that together, it was definitely a really bad look for the Premier League, as you had leadership at half of the big six clubs looking less than classy. As for Wenger himself, his side had so many serious issues in the EFL Cup loss, the last thing he needs to be focused on is the officials.

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