Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger: Top Candidate to Replace Roy Hodgson?



Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger is a leading candidate to replace ex-England Boss Roy Hodgson, who resigned yesterday after his gaffes and poor leadership helped inspire quite possibly the most embarrassing moment in Three Lions history. According to ESPN FC:

“England could be willing to wait for a manager such as Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger to complete his current contract as the Football Association searches for a manager to replace Roy Hodgson, chief executive Martin Glenn has suggested.”


Of course, Arsene Wenger doesn’t seem to be going anywhere right now, as he’s really in tight with Gunners upper management. Wenger recently made his feelings known on the Brexit, which didn’t go over very well. And on the day that Hodgson made his own individual Brexit, rumors resurfaced that his players revolting against him. Speaking of potential mutiny brewing, the Arsenal fan base really seems to want Wenger out. However, the decision makers at the top seemingly want to keep him around, and that’s what matters.

Glenn said the FA has no problem waiting for anybody’s contact to expire.

“If you said, ‘This person is an absolute shoo in, can you wait?’ then we are well-placed I think with an interim solution,” Glenn said.

“You might get interim solutions plural as we have had in the past — get a few managers to come and help. It is such an important decision, we have got to get the right person.

“To wait a few months — if that is what we had to do — I think would be the right decision.”


“We are not talking about names today, but it would be a pretty obvious one to pick.”

“We just don’t know yet who the runners and riders would be. We are going to scope out, which we start at the end of this week with [FA vice-chairman] David Gill and [technical director] Dan [Ashworth].”

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  1. Has the Genious Professor dicovered that Arsenal rsene had “Weakness in the air” after the game against West Ham. Twenty years at the helm and now is telling us the weaknesses of Arsenal Defence. Is it not wenger who signed Gabriel and Mertesacker and Giroud among other and whenever Arsenal win any game he rushed to the TV to tell us that Arsenal have very strong squad , with excellent spririt , Solidarity and togetherness. Wenger please go and work as a commentator and stop destroying our nerves.

  2. allan agaba says

    Arsenal is a business club we are tied ov dat busturd venger klet him leave o

  3. Anonymous says

    wenger pls cosh england

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