Arsenal Top the Ticket Demand Table After Opening Weekend


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By Gilad Zilberman, CEO at SeatPick 

“Arsenal, we’re on your side” is the anthem sung by club supporters, and it’s backed up ticket market figures as well. Certainly so after week one of the 2019-20 Premier League season. With the first round of fixtures now in the books, demand for tickets is already outstripping supply, and this can best be observed via the various secondary ticket marketplaces online.

Heading into the second week, we’re seeing ticket prices at an all-time high for the top teams in the league. SeatPick, a ticket search engine that compares dozens of ticket sites in one place, studied the ticket prices and found that prices on the market have been higher than usual.


Their equation worked as follows: the sum of the total of tickets per match times the price per tickets times the number of home games.  The results of the total value of tickets offered during the season yielded the following calculations:

Arsenal – ~ £9,000,000 

Manchester United – ~ £7,500,000

Tottenham – ~ £6,500,000

Liverpool – ~ £5,500,000

Chelsea – ~ £4,500,000

Man City – ~ £3,800,000


If these prices are an indication of overall market demand, then Arsenal tickets currently sit on top of the table. However, one must bear in mind that this is also a case of more people offering their tickets for sale.

In terms of Man City tickets, the two time reigning league champions and history makers of the past two seasons are not still getting the “credit” and interest that they deserve, given their run of recent results.

Or at least not when compared to the rest of their big six counterparts.

When it comes to Liverpool tickets, you’re now talking about the most expensive in the whole league, and one must also take into account that Anfield is a smaller stadium than the other giant clubs and the ticket supply is much lower. 

In regards to Tottenham tickets, interest levels are indeed rising and that’s likely too to two main factors- the new state of the art stadium that is here after much delay, and last year’s success that saw them reach the final game of the UEFA Champions League tournament.

All in all, the English Premiership is the world’s most popular sports league, and many believe that is watched by half the world’s population. With an audience that size, demand for tickets is always going to be strong, especially so for the biggest of the big clubs. People literally do come from all across the globe to see these teams play in person.

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