Alex Morgan Unveils Adorable New Rescue Dog (Video, Photo)


alex morgan

“You’re my boy Blue!” is a catch-phrase you know very well from the 2003 comedy Old School. It’s also a sentiment echoed by Alex Morgan, who unveiled her adorable adopted dog Blue in a PETA public service announcement published today.

The face of the USWNT is spreading the message that rescuing animals from a shelter, instead of shopping for a pet, is the best and most benevolent option. The World Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist’s People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals spot is embedded below:

“Blue is part of our family,” says the Orlando Pride forward in the video PSA.

“We’re not owners—if anything, he owns us. He owns our heart.”

Alex Morgan also explained how/why the only way she wanted to have a dog was through the adoption route, and not buying one from a breeder or pet shop:

“There’s so many animals on the streets and so many animals that aren’t able to live the life that they should be able to live. Animals should always be a part of the family, be taken care of, just as any child would be.”

alex morgan

Morgan added that Blue loves crushing and deflating soccer balls in his spare time. For more information, on why it’s better to #AdoptDontShop please visit

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  1. Thank you, Alex, for opting to adopt and giving Blue the life every dog deserves!

  2. Thank you, Alex, for raising awareness about adopting animals! I adopted my dog from an open-admission shelter and it was the best decision ever. Always adopt, never shop!

  3. Paula Renee says

    What a sweet ad. I encourage everyone to give homeless dogs and cats a second chance at life. Your new best friend could be as close as your local animal shelter!

  4. Allison Cares says

    I have two adopted rescue dogs and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They’re absolutely part of my family : ) Thanks, Alex, for sending such a positive, important message!

  5. Craig Shapiro says

    Nice! As the proud roomie of three happy, healthy rescue pups, I couldn’t agree more.

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