Alex Morgan Celebration “Controversy” and “Colorful” Twitter Reactions



The United States of America defeated England yesterday, just two days before the Fourth of July- MERICA! Yes, Alex Morgan scored the game winning goal for the U.S. Women’s National Team as they defeated England 2-1 in the Women’s World Cup semi-finals.

To celebrate her game winning scoring strike Alex Morgan then did a pinkie in the air tea sipping gesture, thus mocking Great Britain and their national drink. This all occurred at the same time that the outrage du jour of the moment involved gym shoes with a colonial flag on them. In other words, it was patriotism, nationalism and jingoism overload; especially so for a Tuesday.


Party like it’s 1781, and you’re at Yorktown, Virginia.

If your patriotism erection for the flag lasts more than four hours, consult a doct….nah, if it lasts more than four hours, then only one of two scenarios is possible- you are Toby Keith; or Lee Greenwood. To make the event sweeter, Piers Morgan wished death upon himself, and looked as arrogant as Lord General Charles Cornwallis did before suffering defeat at the hands of the Americans.

Alex is the superior Morgan and Piers (for the zillionth time) said something he should not have.


Since the Alex Morgan trolling/showboating/flexing/flossing/mocking whatever you want to call it, has been deemed so “controversial,” here are some of the more interesting and colorful reactions I found on twitter.

Starting with our own, cuz that’s how we roll here.

A refreshing take from the mother country:

How about “Captain Morgan”?

Remember when Alex Morgan got kicked out of Epcot Center for drunken, disorderly conduct?

Piers Morgan schadenfreude level: peak

A close-up:

And I think we’ll just end it on this one, since this seems like the perfect way to close out:

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