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The NBA playoffs aren’t going to last forever, though at times it may seem like it. When they end, we will   officially be entering the dog days of summer in the sports world. How will you know? Just turn on Sportscenter.  There will be highlights of hotdog eating contests and breaking news regarding Brett Favre’s latest bathing techniques. Oh and let’s not forget there is always base…..Zzzzzzzzzzzz……… Oh sorry, as I was saying, there is always baseball to watch.

By Justin Mertes-Mistretta


Okay, I think I made my point. The sports world can be a little dull during the summer in the U.S. However, every four years there is an event that brings excitement worldwide. That event is the World Cup and it attracts more than 300 million viewers across the globe. While the number of viewers has increased in the U.S., it still only makes up five percent of the overall viewers.

It can only be assumed that during the past World Cups the majority of sports fans in the U.S. were watching roidball, I mean baseball; after all it is America’s favorite pastime. I’m not going to rip the sport of baseball, but when I hear people complain that soccer is too boring, I begin to scratch my head. When I watch a baseball game from start to finish it is like subjecting to Chinese torture, it drags on and I find myself hoping it would just end.

It’s no mystery why soccer is not popular in the U.S. There is virtually no coverage whatsoever. Quite frankly, the U.S. national team hasn’t given the nation any reason to care with their poor efforts in years past.

This year should be different. By the time you get to the end of this list, you’ll be very excited when the World Cup predictions come out and people start talking about the World Cup brackets. Here are seven reasons why this year’s World Cup will be worth watching:

1. The United States has the talent to go far.

The United States are the Chicago Cubs of soccer, never having won the World Cup. The closest they have come is third place in 1930 and since then their best finish is the quarterfinals.

If there was ever a year that they could make a deep run, it’s this one. The World Cup Soccer betting community knows it too. The Americans are led by one of the best goalies in the world in Tim Howard and the U.S. leader in goals and assists in Landon Donovan. Each played especially well in the Confederation’s Cup last year, helping spark an upset over Spain, who remains the number one team in the world.

Landon Donavon said on the FIFA Soccernet Podcast, “In my opinion this is the most talented team we have ever put together.”

2. The World Cup’s rivalries are about more than soccer.

The animosity between England and Germany, for example, goes back to the World Wars. North Korea and South Korea are separated by the 38th parallel and are still technically at war with each other. That makes the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry look like a friendly snowball fight. You’ll see lots of acrimony within numerous matches listed on the 2010 World Cup Schedule.

3. There is more drama than the week leading up to the high school prom.

The world cup hasn’t even started yet and there is already drama. There has been some big names left off of World Cup rosters including Alexandre Pato and Ronaldinho of Brazil and Charlie Davies of the U.S. Once the World Cup begins there is sure to be even more drama, whether it’s a game-winning goal or an Italian player faking an injury.

4. The announcers make Gus Johnson sound dry.

I can hear Martin Tyler now, “Ronaldo with the opportunity…… Gooooaaaaalllll!!!!!” Make sure the  TV is turned up the whole time, because you never know when you’ll hear something like this: listen to this. The best part is that you can listen to all of this with no interruption. This might be one of my favorite parts about the World Cup, there are no commercials! So no more pressing the mute button when a commercial like this comes on: watch here.

5. The Cup attracts cult-like fans that make Philly fans look soft.

Look into the crowd during any Cup game and there are sure to be thousands of decked out and liquored up fans going crazy. They have team scarves, bodies painted and chanting and singing can be heard throughout the entire game. When a goal is scored the entire country celebrates.

However, if you make a mistake it may very well be your last. In 1990, Andres Escobar of Colombia was murdered for scoring an own goal in the ’94 World Cup. Good thing Bill Buckner didn’t play in Colombia.

6. Goal scoring celebrations that put Chad Ocho Cinco to shame.

Sure, Ocho Cinco can do the river dance, but that doesn’t get a 10 in the creativity department. Once a goal is scored in the World Cup, unprecedented moves are put on display. For instance, the aeroplane, the running windmill and the “this is crazy” celebration made famous by Luca Toni of Roma.

7. The best commercial ever: watch here.

This commercial should be enough of a reason to watch the World Cup. If, after watching this, you can’t get excited to watch the World Cup, then go to the doctor.

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  1. paulmbanks says

    That Asian chick in the top picture makes me excited!

    But seriously, this list is pretty good, it does make me somewhat interested in soccer. And the links are pretty cool. Even non-sports fans would enjoy seeing those

  2. Nathan Cup says

    A bit random but interesting, considering that only Brazil has been able to claim victory at the Fifa World Cup outside of its own continent – will that change for the World Cup in South Africa?

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