2018 World Cup Matches Worth Missing Work For



By Patrick Pierce

It’s finally here, and we couldn’t be anymore excited. The World Cup is ready for kick off, but for most of us working our daily nine to five, we’re going to miss the first game between Russia and Saudi Arabia, with the Opening Ceremony set to start at 3.30pm.

But the opener isn’t the only game that will see us stuck in the office. There are a number of fixtures that will kick off mid-afternoon, and some real crackers too.

Of course, there are ways around this: carefully scheduled lunch breaks, flex-time and simply booking time off are the most obvious choices. Another option is  just having a tab hidden on your desktop, with ITV or BBC streaming live.

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Unless you have a boss who puts blocks on anything fun, and in that case, you’ll need a VPN. This will allow you to get around any company blocks on the office wi-fi and then you will have full access to the web and the FIFA World Cup.

If you want to watch the World Cup, VPN services are generally inexpensive and incredibly easy to get hold of. 

If you’re expecting to be in work during the mid-afternoon kickoffs this summer, here are the fixtures you may miss out on…

Group A

The World Cup opener kicks off at 4pm with four other fixtures potentially missed out on. That means only one fixture will take place outside of traditional office hours, Russia versus Egypt.

Group A Afternoon Fixtures:

June 14, 4pm: Russia v Saudi Arabia

June 15, 1pm: Egypt v Uruguay

June 20, 4pm: Uruguay v Saudi Arabia

June 25, 3pm: Saudi Arabia v Egypt

June 25, 3pm: Uruguay v Russia

Group B

Just two games will be potentially missed in Group B.

Group B Afternoon Fixtures:

June 15, 4pm: Morocco v Iran

June 20, 1pm: Portugal v Morocco

Group C

Some big fixtures are potentially missed in Group C thanks to the working week. Subtlety will be key!

antoine griezmann

Group C Afternoon Fixtures:

June 21, 1pm: Denmark v Australia

June 21, 4pm: France v Peru

June 26, 3pm: Australia v Peru

June 26, 3pm: Denmark v France

Group D

For any fans looking to enjoy Group D, you’re in luck as only one fixture is being played away from an evening or weekend.

Group D Afternoon Fixtures:

June 22, 4pm: Nigeria v Iceland

Group E

Only one game will be potentially have to be skipped in Group E, but boy it could be a good one!

Group E Afternoon Fixtures:

June 22, 1pm: Brazil v Costa Rica

Group F

Half of the fixtures in Group E will fall in office hours, although only one of the Germans’ fixtures fall into that.

Group F Afternoon Fixtures:

June 18, 1pm: Sweden v South Korea

June 27, 3pm: South Korea v Germany

June 27, 3pm: Mexico v Sweden

Group G

England fans have bagged a really good group in terms of both timing and opposition. A weekend tie and two 7pm kick offs is absolutely perfect for the Three Lions.

england shirt

Group G Afternoon Fixtures:

June 18, 4pm: Belgium v Panama

Group H

Four of the six games in Group H may need some plucky browser hiding in the office, particularly as England will go on to face a member of Group H if they qualify.

Group H Afternoon Fixtures:

June 19, 1pm: Colombia v Japan

June 19, 4pm: Poland v Senegal

June 28, 3pm: Japan v Poland

June 28, 3pm Senegal v Colombia

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