Which Sportswear Brands Are Worn By Your Favourite Athlete?



Children and adults alike love to try and dress and emulate their favourite sports stars as these days they are not only great sportsmen and women but also fashion gurus. Whether it be David Beckham in soccer or Michael Jordan in basketball fans view these types of players as icons.

So let’s take a look through some of the most famous sports men and women and which clothing sports brand they are most known for.


Nike is one of the most famous and popular sports clothing brands. Nike sponsors some of the top athletes in all fields of different sports including basketball, soccer, golf and of course olympic athletes.

Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy, Christiano Ronaldo, Lebron James and Rafael Nadal are all athletes who are at the top of their sporting field and sponsored by Nike.

The great thing about Nike is they have such wide and varied sports clothing lines. They can cater to all types of people both male and female, young and old, it is a brand everyone knows and loves that never gets old. They have been at the top of the sporting tree for decades and look set to remain there.



Adidas, much like Nike, have been at the forefront of sporting clothes for the past few decades and their popularity has grown each and every year. Although they are most well known for their sporting clothes they also make great casual wear for day to day use.

They also have some of the biggest names from the sporting world under their sponsorship including Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, Gareth Bale, Dak Prescott, Naomi Osaka and the basketball player James Harden.

In recent years Adidas have been moving into the basketball field of sporting clothes and you can pick up some great pieces from Buy Side Sports.

Adidas have been the leaders when it comes to soccer boots for the past twenty years or so and although other brands such as Nike and Puma have been catching up, they still remain the most favoured soccer boot of choice for the leading soccer players.



There was a time that Puma wasn’t very fashionable or popular compared to how they are now viewed in today’s sporting clothes market. But that is no longer the case as they are now on par with the leading sports brands.

They sponsor a wide range of sporting athletes and none bigger than the undisputed fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt. He has been under Puma’s sponsorship since 2002 in which he received roughly ten million dollars a year for his endorsement deal.

Other famous sporting names that they sponsor include the F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, Kyle Kuzma from the NBA and Lexi Thompson from the LPGA.

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Although not nearly as popular as Nike, Adidas or Puma, Reebok has been in the sporting clothes game for a long time and has had moments in time where they have been extremely popular and other times when they haven’t.

In recent years their brand has focused more on actual sporting clothes and equipment rather than fashionable day to day casual wear.

Reebok sponsors sports stars such as Mat Fraser, Julie Foucher, Sidney Crosby, Ben Smith and Rich Froning Jr.


Other Mentionable Sports Brands

Although the above brands dominates and leads the way for sporting clothing there are some other notable names worth mentioning.

Asics are popular with sport and field athletes and are well known for making very comfortable running trainers. They sponsor the likes of Tom Bosworth, Nathan Fox and Luke Gunn.

New Balance is well known in the tennis world as they make the best tennis trainers and apparel. New Balance sponsors basketball star Dejounte Murray, Michel Butter and Richard Douma.

Converse who have been one of the most popular trainer brands for the last century have also made and designed sporting clothes as well. They mainly focus on Skateboarding as their designs and style fit extremely well with the sport. They were once one of the leaders in making basketball trainers but they have since stopped creating basketball shoes.

Converse currently sponsors both Louie Lopez and Zered Basset from the skateboarding scene.

The Biggest Sponsorship Deals

There is a lot of money to be made for athletes to become sponsored by different brands, sometimes more money than they actually make from participating in their sport.

The great golfer Tiger Woods who has been sponsored by Nike from the very beginning of his golfing career is estimated to receive over fifty four million dollars for his contract.

Kevin Durant signed a sponsorship deal with Nike in 2014 which was worth roughly three hundred million dollars.

LeBron James the basketball superstar has a lifetime contract with Nike which it is rumoured is worth more than one billion dollars by the time he reaches the age of 64.

Cristiano Ronaldo is another sporting superstar who has also signed a lifetime contract with Nike which is worth upwards of one billion dollars.

Why Is Sports Wear Clothing So Popular?

Many people love to wear casual sports clothing every day even if they do not actually participate in any sports, but why is that?

One of the obvious and main reasons is that most sporting clothes are both comfortable to wear and also very practicle. We migrate to these types of clothing as they give us comfort in our everyday lives.

We are also attracted to this style of clothing as we see our favourite athletes and sports men and women wearing them. We want to emulate their success so we try to follow their trends and dress as they do.

Gone are the days where men wore suits and ties and women wore fancy dresses every single day of their lives. Although there is nothing wrong with dressing up smart for the right occasions, wearing sports clothing for everyday use just makes so much more sense.

So regardless if you actually partake in any sports or not, wearing sports clothing now has become the normality for most people.



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