Pole Dancing Tips and Tricks for Beginners



By Peter Dunn

Not too long ago, pole dance was not widely available to most people because it was mostly regarded as erotic. These days, things have changed since men and women are now more accepting of the exercise. Pole dancing is a wonderful exercise than can greatly help you to become fit.

If you want to get started with this dancing exercise, make sure you consider the below tips and tricks.

1. Consider online lessons

Various search engines can point the way to where you can take online lessons. All you have to do is Google, and you will have many options to choose from. These lessons will also allow you to learn the moves systematically. When searching for the video modules, ensure that you are keen to obscene photos, because some of the results may yield mature content. 

2. Take part in group lessons

Group lessons may be cost-effective than private training. The lessons will offer you the chance of interacting with other people, who have similar excitements and passions as you. If you enroll in the group classes, the dance will become fun and a social activity because you will meet new friends.

3. Consider reading the online resources

You can always read various resources such as e-books and blogs to be familiar with the dance. The way videos will take you through the lessons you can also rely on books and manuals to study the moves of the dance. You will need to develop some patience and be attentive when it comes to details. There are instructions and pictures, which you should not miss out when learning the moves. You may also use the resources, especially when you are avoiding interruptions from other learners.

4. Select an instructor carefully

It is advisable to select a good instructor, who will take you through the lessons properly. The reason why you need to be keen when choosing a trainer is that the exercise may be dangerous in some situations. You can get many injuries, and at times, you may end up having a broken neck. Understand there is a big difference between the professional dancer and professional trainer.

5. Get prepared

The exercise provides a complete workout for the whole body. It is important to have the ability to handle your body weight during the practice. It may be a long process, but you need to be prepared mentally and physically. If you are a starter, you will experience some pains as well as bruises.

6. Dress accordingly

If you want to be a pole dancer, it does not mean you need to remove your outfits during the training. Professional dancers wear bikinis. Always wear casual clothes, which will expose your legs and arms only. Try as hard as possible to avoid wearing several layers of outfits during the training. If you are at the expert level, then you may wear heels.

7. Do not use moisturizers before the training

Moisturizer products should be kept away once you decide to take part in the lessons. For example, lotions will make you lose the grip of the pole when practicing. At times, you will need to share dancing poles with other learners. If they have touched grease or oil, the poles will be slippery and affect your performance, putting your safety in danger.

Practicing daily is what will make you an expert. You can use the exercise to entertain people out there as well as reduce your body weight. It may be challenging, but as long as you are working with a good trainer and practicing hard enough, you will undoubtedly succeed.

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