Top Kids Shows to Kill Boredom with During the Pandemic


In addition to balancing their full-time work, the worldwide pandemic has rendered millions of parents into teachers and caretakers. In this unprecedented situation, many have started watching a lot more TV than usual. Although most pediatric authorities advocate limited screen time, particularly for children under 5, they say that it’s all right to be more lenient if you need to be. And, there are ways to take advantage of TV. As mentioned earlier by Quartz, watching shows with your children can improve the lessons shown. They may even become a subject of discussion for your children during offline time.

There is plenty of children-friendly content out there – streaming services like Amazon Prime and AT&T TV Now have provided many children’s content for free — and some shows are made for adults as well. You can find out more about the channel lineup and content available from one of the AT&T customer service representatives if you like. We hope that your children will appreciate the following options.

Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts

Kipo is 13 years old living 200 years ahead, in a post-apocalyptic future, where creatures have evolved to reach the maximum degree of intellect and abilities. She and most of the other people are forced to live underground into burrows. In an incident, Kipo is compelled to emerge and has to figure out how to conquer the universe of wonder beasts and some crooked humans- in order to find her way back home.


Tales of Arcadia

The Tales of Arcadia is a collection of shows for anyone from a 5-year old to a 30-year-old career adult. This series should hold everybody amused. The plot is simple but enjoyable. The ends of the series, Wizards, are expected to be published in June sometime. There are two different collections — Trollhunters and 3Below.

All three are connected by the fact that they are in the picturesque town of Arcadia Oaks. Youth heroes, as well as supernatural beings, are battling for the life of their community against forces that lurk in darkness in certain instances.

Steven Universe

Steven Universe centers around the gem of a human/alien mix character, Steven, based in the fictional city of Beach City, Delmarva. He’s brought up by his dad and 3 alien stars, all closely related to his mom, who died saving him. The series is a potential tale of Steven as he learns his supernatural abilities and the heritage of his parents. As noted earlier by Quartz, the series provides some of the strongest kid-oriented examples, positive connections, and relational wisdom from the LGBTQ+ culture. Additionally, it has a unique, incredibly catchy soundtrack.

Adventure Time

A boy called Finn stays in a treehouse in the land of Ooo, with his beautiful dog, Jake, who happens to be his best buddy. It is a very well-known Sci-fi show, about a couple that is sailing across the country, which looks like a post-Apocalyptic Earth with friends and a few unfriendly aliens. The show focuses primarily on discovering how the world looks like as Finn and Jake discover their surprises, as everyone evolves into characters.

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb, two step-brothers have a single goal over the summer: boredom avoidance. They also seek to develop new equipment to keep occupied at an enormous pace. Whereas their pet platypus is a secret agent who battles Dr. Doofenshmirtz endlessly, an antagonist whose aim is not always pleasant, to gain a charge of the unclear tristate.


We have rounded some of the best cartoon shows to stow away your children’s boredom during these lockdown circumstances. However, this list is not set in stone as everyone has their preferences.

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