The Universe of Slot Music You Have Never Thought Of


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By James Connolly

Very few of us realize the level of focus and dedication that is put into the creation of the background music and sound effects we take for granted. Modern slot machines reach our emotions with the help of around 400 sound components inside. Ever wondered how and why is it crafted? Read on to discover.

You may be surprised, but the process of creating the original slot soundtrack has evolved to have a complete cycle of professional audio production. When it comes to music in the internet gambling industry one of the great examples would be bright and easy-going Party online casinos, being one of those houses to challenge the status quo of the situation. To enhance the gaming experience, its team has recorded over 30 minutes of authentic music, entering the category of real money slots with the most sophisticated soundtrack production on the market.

People behind the slot soundtrack

A team of several hardworking composers, sound designers, and audio engineers usually formed to produce such massive projects. Leading gambling developers to provide their sound teams with unlimited access to professional recording studios, top-tier sound design software and sample libraries. Some companies even afford to equip their own studios in-house, to invite music performers and bands for the record.

As the emphasis on sound effects increases, developers tend to create full-time teams rather than hiring independent contractors. Joining a crew exposes a freelancer to learn from accomplished and thriving teams, reaching a state of fast-forwarding progress. This is something independent composers and sound designers rarely experience. Rapidly growing gaming providers allow professionals to escape any self-promotion and administration hassle, enabling them to focus exclusively on creativity and music.

Proper slot music insights

There is a popular belief that all slot sound effects are produced in the same tonality. It might have been the case a decade ago when the majority of slots were physical boxes standing in the gambling hall. Indeed, whereas sounds from every single slot are blending in one, it is vital to receive some coherent melody across the casino floor, however since gambling is gradually shifting to the web and, consequently, the individual experience starts to matter it does not make sense to stick to one universal style of soundtrack anymore. Thus, composers are free to experiment and move away from casual templates.

The purpose of the fine sound effect set, therefore, is to deliver the sense of the mood of a particular game, not just highlighting gaming outcomes and functionality (e.g. buttons, reels, combos etc.). Composers strive to create the music pieces which would give a player a proper idea of what is going on and grasp the overall feel of the slot straight from the first seconds of playback. Creators are constantly challenged to generate a genuine emotional connection with a gamer due to the limited time span of such music, therefore every engaging and aligned soundtrack is a result of tremendous work behind the scenes.

The impact of sound on the gaming process

A recent study states that players strongly prefer gaming sessions to be accompanied by sound rather than keep mute. Not only do sound effects make gambling more exciting but they also provide a certain level of perception distortion. The participants of the experiment presented the tendency to greatly overestimate the number of times they have actually won while playing with the sound on. The thing is that jubilant sounds are pouring over the player even in case the value of the reward goes below the instant wager, therefore providing the sense of win when in fact it’s a loss of money.


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