London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremonies: Supermodels face backlash



The closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, featured a supermodel fashion show.The reaction was not a positive one. To many, it was a disappointing ending to the games and a slap in the face to the females who competed. Social Media chimed in saying:

@olyphil: We’re celebrating anorexic women who do nothing but stand and look beautiful. Fashion show. STOOOOOOOOPID
What’s the difference between Cheerleaders, Ice Girls or Dancers, who are a regular part of all major sporting events? Cheerleaders or dancers such as the Lakers Girls enforce community, athletic performance, and spirit. Plus, the NFL, NHL, and NBA make sure that their performers don’t have a public history of bad behaviour such as a past drug habit or assault charges. Here are samples of the tweets aimed at the drug issues of Kate Moss:
@SinbadBrookie: Ah yes, Kate Moss, coke sniffing smackheads at the # closingceremony, they sure know how to inspire a generation. Great role models here.
@Martin_Lewis: A fortnight of celebrating drug free, hard working role models. The # closingceremony is being, lets say, slightly less picky.

The Olympics are supposed to be pure, as is the environment that surrounds it. The closing ceremonies are supposed to celebrate will, pride, competition, glory and success. Pursuing and achieving greatness by natural means. Drugs and sports don’t mix. Olympic committees go to extraordinary measures to ensure this.

It’s artificial to have women modelling clothes, when the world is celebrating the individuals beneath them.

@Lauren Rutherford: The vacuous and self-obsessed fashion industry there, in stark contrast to the hundreds of amazing people surrounding them.

The British Olympic Association just threw every slightly relevant British celebrity of the past 15 years in the ceremony without consideration.

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