Kate Upton Uncle is conservative congressman Fred Upton

Kate Upton, back to back Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover girl has a very powerful uncle. And we mean powerful figuratively and literally. Kate Upton uncle is
Rep. Fred Upton, a Republican who according to the Daily Beast:
“might get some flak for his niece’s provocative poses, but he’s in good company. From Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter Alice to Sarah Palin’s enfant terrible Bristol, more slightly scandalous political relatives…Upton, is the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee and briefly became a conservative hate-figure after his effort to ban incandescent light bulbs in the name of energy efficiency became a cause célèbre on the right. Considering the recent frenzy over immodest dress among attendees at CPAC, the fact that his niece has been photographed in body paint might draw some ire. But should Representative Upton be plagued by his niece’s provocative poses, he’ll be in good company.”
We told you “powerful” had double meaning when it comes to describing Kate Upton uncle. I recommend you check out that Daily Beast piece. It’s a good history of high powered political people throughout U.S. history who had some wild child siblings. And we kind of thought the Uptons were a family of the manor born ever since we learned Kate Upton and her sister Laura Upton were into riding horses since an early age. Laura Upton is even a star equestrian at the University of Georgia.
So there you have it, Kate Upton is a famous, rich, gorgeous, extremely buxom blonde who also happens to be from a family that is connected like Verizon. And they could probably buy and sell you ten times over. She might have it all, and be the female Tom Brady, someone with the world by the stones.

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