Jenny McCarthy Ripped on Twitter on New Year’s Eve Again; 25 of the Best Tweets



If we could find the tweet that we saw several years ago about Jenny McCarthy, we would certainly publish it here today. The Twitter posting perfectly summated everything that she’s about, and it said basically: “I wonder if Jenny McCarthy ponders her lasting legacy at all: ‘I was nude for awhile, then I convinced a bunch of parents to not to believe in science and then let their kids die from easy preventable diseases- nailed it!'”

Jenny McCarthy is a top trending term on Twitter just once a year, and it comes on New Year’s Eve when she co-hosts ABC’s Dick Clark’s Rocking Eve. It’s astounding that ABC keeps giving her this gig in an age when media figures and celebrities often lose their jobs over minor mistakes. Jenny McCarthy and her joke of a career is a “major mistake.”

jenny mccarthy

She is the living embodiment of the old adage “no one tells pretty girls the truth,” and this phenomenon persists despite the fact that she is no longer pretty. These days, all the work that she has had done, Botox galore has made her almost unrecognizable. Her looks are gone and her sense of humor and wit…well, that was something that never really existed to begin with.

She is a bigger disgrace to southside of Chicago than Jim Belushi and Kanye West combined. The only good thing about her annual re-emergence into the mainstream is that hundreds of people tweet (sometimes at her and/or at ABC about how awful she is). Maybe the network will FINALLY read the room on this one and axe her from next year’s show.

In the meantime, here are XYZ of the best, funniest and most appropriate tweets ripping Jenny McCarthy last night.

Some of them say the same thing, and that’s fine because repetition is needed in order to get the point across.

Because ABC just doesn’t seem to get it.

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