How to Play Video Games


In the 21st century, the debate on how socializing should be dealt with is at its peak. Meanwhile, many teenagers are argued to play video games instead of participating in Physical activities and sports, which is seen as unfavorable. However, some suggest that its best for enhancing cognitive skills as they come across challenges and complications and is really good for someone to start interactions, which are having difficulties in communicating with people outside.

As now video games allow players to chat online and team up with people all around the globe, which also helps them develop the required skills to start the conversation. So, there is more to it than just debating at one point. However, today I’m going to share some platforms as well as ways you could use to play and find Video Games.

Finding Video Games

Depending on your interest you could sort out games quickly on top sites based on the category, but first, you need to determine which platform you are going to use to play that game. In such a scenario, you have different and popular options ranging from your Laptop, mobile, PC, or consoles such as Xbox and PS4, etc. However, to start with I would suggest you to start with what you have rather than spending money on consoles as you should first get a taste of what you like and how much you want and willing to spend on it. Once you have taken the first step of tasting the game, then you can go ahead with spending depending on what you want and of what scale.


Playing the Game

In most cases, there are tutorials along with the game to help you begin with and to know what and how to do the task. Furthermore, there is always an option to downgrade the difficulty level if in any case you are having troubles to overcome certain task you can always go for easy mode. If you are starting a game on your phone, you don’t need extra accessories as its sufficient to meet the requirements of the game, and you can use the controllers provided to play it.

Moreover, if you want to upgrade the game using extras provided you can always buy them on stores such as for Android you can connect it to GamesPlay and go to Play store to find and purchase games. However, if you are going onto the next level of gaming, then you will need extra accessories to help you out which I’m going to mention in the next section.

Video Game Accessories

If you are using your laptop or PC then for most of the games you can just use your regular mouse (if you are on a laptop it’s better to use the dedicated mouse in case of any action game), keyboard and you need to buy a headset to keep it to yourself.

If you are into spending less money, then you can go for a gaming mouse and keyboard. If you want to step up the game, then you can buy consoles such as PS4 and Xbox along with extra accessories such as dedicated headsets and game versions.

Popular Video Games

Depending on the genre following are some of the famous video games you can try out once you have decided what you like and want to step up.

War Games: The popular war games include Call of Duty and Battlefield. In these you can get a taste of WWI and WWII as well as sci-fi technology versions.

Adventure Games: In this category you can try Lorelai (released in 2019), Minecraft and Timbleweed Park (2017).

Horror Games: The top horror games include Resident Evil, Outlast 2, Silent Hill, Layers of Fear, The Evil Within, and The Last of Us. You can also checkout best alien games here.

Racing Games: The top racing games you can try including Need for Speed, Dirt Rally, Forza Horizon, Asphalt 8 and F1.

Recently the games such as PubG and Fortnight has been in the light due to their different approach towards gaming. It allows multiple or up to 100 users to join a battlefield in groups and have to overcome their enemies while obtaining resources.

In the end, the team which remains alive is the one who wins, and you usually wouldn’t know where your enemies are although there are indications along with sounds which are helpful in checking whether the enemy is close to you or not. But these games are outstanding in terms of enhancing your socializing skills as once you play it you get to interact with the people all around the world and get to talk to them.

So, if video games are used correctly, then they could be life-changing as they hold great potential. They are helpful in developing a wide range of skills, ranging from cognitive skills to communicational and socializing.

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