Famous People Making Money Betting on Sports


Sports betting has long become a pastime for thousands of individuals across the globe. While determined bettors prefer favorable odds and coefficients, casual betting enthusiasts stick to their favorite teams’ matches. But what if we say that dozens of celebrities, both from Hollywood and professional sports, are in favor of sports betting?  

This fact might be even more impressive when you realize that some of those individuals made a fortune with betting on sports. In case you thought of online gambling as mere an attraction for casual players, this article will prove that you were ultimately wrong. If you wonder what famous people made money on sports wagering, we invite you to take a closer look, as follows. 

50 Cent 

We are proud of starting with an iconic rap performer, 50 Cent, a notable gambling fan. Besides his regular wagers on hockey and football, professional sports bettors recognized his fascinating bets on NFC Championship in 2012. Back then, 50 Cent executed one of the most significant wagers the public is aware of, a $500,000 win. 

During the NFC Championship, 50 Cent got enough courage to bet on the New York Giants to beat the San Franciso 49ers, eventually closing up with a massive win for a rapper. Except for this enormous wager, 50 Cent is also known to be regularly wagering both on NFC and dozens of other tournaments and disciplines. Who knows, maybe we will soon become victims of 50 Cent’s another major triumph? 

wayne rooney

Wayne Rooney 

While most readers associate Wayne Rooney with a Premier League, England national football team, and an astonishing career, some of his loyal fans also know the other side of things. In the interview Wayne did in early 2020, he confessed regarding his far-reaching range of losses and successes with sports betting at the start of his career. Maybe Rooney was not a sportsperson who made millions of dollars with sports bets, but he certainly did so with his football career.  

Nonetheless, Rooney also mentioned that he made dozens of big bets, coupled with having dozens of gambling sessions with his friends. A funny fact is that Rooney’s recent deal with the Derby County Football Club is a bit ironic since a shirt sponsor of the club is 32Red, a leading British online casino. Since it is problematic to dig more information about Wayne’s past with gambling, let’s wrap up with that remark. 


Floyd Mayweather, Jr. 

It should be no surprise that Mayweather made his way to this list since he is among the most famous sports bettors among celebrities. The World Champion and the boxing star has made dozens of announcements concerning his betting past, which quickly became viral on the Web. Some of his fans would remember $45,000 wins on Colorado State with a $50,000 bet, which made him so tightly associated with real money wagering. 

Even though the regular bets of Floy Mayweather, Jr. can fascinate inexperienced players, he also made dozens of scandalous wagering decisions. Let us remind you that in 2011, Floyd bet at least $1 million against Tim Tebow. With this bet, the official Twitter page of iconic boxing start quickly went viral. Solely because of such wagers and colossal 7-figure bets, we confirm that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. deserves his “Money” nickname. 


Charlie Sheen 

All people following Hollywood news and reports know that Charlie Sheen is a troubled personality with a complicated background. While some might remember his drug abuse cases, others would refer to his public announcement regarding the HIV positive status. When it comes to his record and an objective relation to the betting scene, Sheen admitted that he had a tight relationship with gambling and betting. According to various independent reporters, Sheen could spend up to $200,000 on betting weekly. Some of the other reports even claimed that Charlie was getting ready for an exclusive partnership deal with a sports betting platform. 

What is more stunning in the story of Charlie Sheen is that he always knew where to wager real money. Since he had no issues with finding a suitable online casino or a betting website, we do believe that the freedom of choices shouldn’t be a prerogative of Hollywood stars. Even though it might be problematic to find a balanced online casino real money NZ, one should undoubtedly seek professionals’ advice. Don’t be hesitant to read professional reviews and stick to a website you’re interested in. We think that Charlie Sheen was also doing so to find a gambling website with the most favorable odds and unique wagering options. 


Ashton Kutcher 

One of the most impressive stories regarding a celebrity winning vast sums of money relates to the background of Ashton Kutcher. Back in 2013, he told the press a record of having a side business with one of the largest sports betting syndicates operating in the United States. He also pointed out that their team could make up to $750,000 monthly by placing bets on the game of college football.  

During that time, Kutcher was used as a cover-up for the entire scheme. In particular, a syndicate used him as a silly actor with lots of money who was up for a few football wagers. Even though the entire story ended up abruptly with two sides parting ways, Ashton Kutcher now has a reputation for having a solid past related to betting.  


Final Remarks 

As you can see, dozens of famous individuals, ranging from Hollywood actors to sports superstars, were engaged in sports betting. While there are dozens of other stories to shed light on, the mentioned records are worth emphasizing. Not only those superstars publicly endorsed betting, but they also managed to make a fortune with their wagers. The next time you’ll be thinking about betting as merely a pastime for casual sports fans, come back to this article. We are confident that those stories of famous people would change your perception of celebrity sports betting considerably. 


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