Extreme Urban Sports: That Can Get You Arrested


Youngsters, particularly teens today live for the adrenaline rush and find out new ways to satisfy their cravings for some fun. For this, they will jump into any sport that will give them even the slightest vibe of fun and scary. Urban sports are the new trend; they are not the usual basketball or skateboarding in the urban areas; these are more towards extreme sporting. Some are in it for a meager amount of cash and others just for the adrenaline rush. But, what fun is it to get behind bars for a sport. Surprised… right!

Well, yes you might not know, but some of your urban sports that you are doing just for fun might get you arrested. Some of the games itself are legal, but where you play them and how you play them is what makes the difference. Take, for example, skateboarding, there are skateboard street finals where contestants show some stylish moves, but some of those moves if practiced on public roadways are considered illegal.

So, instead of getting a notice or getting fined and handcuffed for some sport you didn’t even knew was illegal, let’s just get things straight and take a look at which urban sports are considered illegal.

Here are the extreme urban sports that will get you in trouble with the local law enforcement.

1. Buildering

A rock climbing advanced it is now known as urban climbing or buildering. The basic concept of climbing remains the same, but instead of a rock wall meant specifically for the sport, people have started climbing buildings. Climbers have started breaking into or sneaking into buildings to climb them to their top. What is more dangerous is that climbing skyscrapers and notable buildings have become a new trend. Prominent builderer like Alain Robert climbs up challenging buildings and youngsters inspired by such acts follow them. The Empire State building, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sears Tower are some of the famous buildings Robert has climbed. [source: Urban Climbing] he has been arrested more than 100 times for trespassing and climbing buildings and skyscrapers. This does not only involve trespassing, but also climbers put their lives at stake with this urban sports.

2. Riding Fixed

Another trend this day is rising with the introduction of single speed, fixed gear bikes. You need, but what is best is that you don’t have to deal with gears and brakes. Many youngsters are too much into these bikes because it is too much fun and mostly when riding it in the mountains. But, what makes it illegal is that as this bike has no brakes so it cannot be controlled if the speed is too much high. Therefore, the law enforcement in your locality might not let you ride it on the road. You have the option of attaching a brake just for the sake of showing off that it has a brake when in actual it does not. But that might be another way to get a warning or getting fined. So, you have to be very careful when riding fixed.


3. Drag Racing

Drag racing is racing on the highway or streets which usually happens late at night, but some might do it during the daytime too. This is illegal as this involves over speeding and putting into danger other drivers, pedestrians, and your own self too. If you are coming late from work someday or walking down the road at night, some over speeding cars or motorbikes might have passed you. If not so then at night, you might have heard from your room the sound of cars or motorbikes speeding and screeching, horns honking and a bunch of young lads screaming in joy that is what they are doing. Drag racing can take you to jail as well as it can terminate your license and you can end up with a heavy fine too.

4. Free running

Free running that some refer to as parkour is legal unless or until you are following the rules and are not entering into someone’s private property. But young kids these days are making it all the more illegal by doing all sorts of stuff. Some teens these days get stuck on restaurant tops and try to attempt climb bridges too while free running. So, free running is allowed as long as any public or government property or trespassing is not involved but if it is then you might end up paying a fine or getting handcuffed and the detention that your parents will put on you is a separate case.

kate upton skateboarding

5. Skateboarding

Skateboarding is not illegal just how and where you do it tend to make it illegal sometimes. Moreover, country to country the laws also vary, so you have to take care of that. For instance, some countries have made it legal to skateboard on the sidewalks, whereas others have made it illegal. Moreover, skateboarding in the shopping centers or on the road is also illegal in some countries. But it also depends on how you are riding your skateboarding. For example, a person who is using the skateboard for commuting will ride the skateboard very smoothly and very different from a teenager who is riding just for fun and showing off his tricks.

So, if you are not obstructing the traffic or making it uneasy for the pedestrians on the sidewalk, you are mostly good to go. But, if you are coming in the way of cars or bicycle riders on the sidewalk, then the local law enforcement might give you a warning. Nevertheless, you can find skateparks almost everywhere, so it is best to practice your tricks and ride your skateboard there so that you and the other people are also safe.

Things to consider before sporting

Taking care of a few aspects can make a huge difference and can make almost every game safe and fun. First of all, without any training, you should not play the sport. Take, for example, skateboarding, what happens if you have never ridden one and yet you take it out on the street. You are sure to get injured and also break the rules whilst putting others in danger too. So, first, practice the sport in some controlled conditions and at a place that is specified for sporting.

Then, getting the right sporting gear should be the first and foremost priority. For skateboarders, always get a skateboard that matches your level of expertise. Some skateboards are specifically for beginners, whereas others are for professionals. Then, the braking system and wheels of the skateboard are also very important.

For bicycles, if you are a beginner then getting single speed bikes is most suitable. Moreover, for elders, fixed gear bikes are the best or for anyone who does not want to get into the trouble of changing gears can opt for these ones.

And riding with the safety gear is way too much crucial. So, whether you are riding a skateboard, a bike or an electric scooter or you are out there rock climbing, ALWAYS put on all the required safety gear and keep a tool kit with you too.


The Bottom Line

Most of the urban sports are legal; it is just the way you do it that makes them illegal. Other than the laws and regulations, extreme urban sporting also puts your and others life in danger so everyone should be cautious of that. Nobody stops anyone from having fun, you can have all the fun sporting but being safe, and following the rules comes first. So, train first, get the right gear and follow the rules and have all the fun while you’re young.

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