Differences between land-based and online bingo



Bingo is a game of chance that has stood the test of time. Over the years, bingo has embraced the online world but a number of people still prefer to visit land-based halls. In addition, bingo has gone beyond being a game for the elderly and middle-aged women. Nowadays, more men and young millennials enjoy playing the game. Why is bingo popular? 

  • It offers human interaction 
  • Modest stakes and easy game play 

However, playing bingo online or on land-based casino is not similar. Despite game developers working round the clock to ensure they imitate the land-based experience, it’s clear that bingo halls will still win over some players. On the other hand, some players seem to be very comfortable gaming online. In this article we explain the differences between online bingo and land-based halls. 

The social aspect 

The human factor is one thing that sets land-based bingo apart from online bingo. The game provides a platform for social interaction for people who have the same interests. This is probably the reason even though online bingo is a click away, most people still choose to fill bingo halls in town. 

Today, bingo halls offer more than gaming. It is a complete entertainment package with a festival ambience, good food and drinks. However, in pursuit to retain the social aspect, bingo casino online offer a chat function where players can chat as they play. Regardless, nothing bets extravagant halls, flashy lights and the warmth of fellow punters. 



When it comes to accessibility, online bingo takes credit. Online bingo can be played at the comfort of a players home therefore reducing travelling expenses and saving up on time. There are hundreds of online casinos offering the game online. It even gets better as most casinos offers mobile gaming on Android and iOS devices. Additionally, online bingo; 

  • Can be played round the clock 
  • Can be played anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity. 

Bingo variations 

The variety offered by online bingo is a significant difference compared to bingo halls. Online bingo presents you with a chance to choose different variations of the game. Moreover, you can easily switch from one game to the other. In land-based bingo halls, a punter will have to work with the schedule and timeline given. Different variations include: 

  • 75-ball, 80-ball and 30-ball bingo 
  • Deal or no-deal inspired version 
  • Progressive jackpot bingo 

Promotions and prizes 

Casino bonuses are common in most online casinos and these can be played on any game including bingo. Unlike, land-based halls, online bingo comes with the advantage of accessing bonuses. Additionally, jackpot bingo comes with a progressive jackpot that increases by the day. However, once in a while there are offline events such as National Bingo Game that have hefty prizes. 


Online bingo uses a random number generator to generate numbers whereas in the land-based bingo hall numbers will be called out. Numbers in an online casino are generated in 3 seconds while in a bingo hall the number is called out after about 15 seconds. Therefore, online bingo offers players a chance to play more games. 

Bottom line 

Online bingo as well as land-based bingo offer a great gaming experience. As a gaming enthusiast, the choice should be based on preference. While bingo halls offer entertainment and an opportunity to socialize, online bingo is easily accessible, fast and comes with great prizes. Having access to both, gives you liberty to choose your gaming experience depending on your needs.


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