Britt McHenry Goes Full-on Right Wing; Taking a Side Though at Least


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Kudos to Britt McHenry for taking a side right now in what is a very divisive sociopolitical landscape.

It’s certainly what will be the wrong side of history, in pretty much every possible way, and I wholeheartedly disagree with her stances on, well most of the relevant issues, but I do commend her for not being a fence sitter. You cannot be a fence sitter right now.


While she still comes off as kind of a terrible human being, hey, at least she’s not “sticking to sports.” That’s commendable.

As we wrote nearly a year ago, the shopworn bromide “stick to sports” was officially dead, and was always a misnomer to begin with. Credit what a hypothetical unholy cross-breeding of Regina George and Tomi Lahren would produce for realizing that now; while the sports media landscape dumbs down, becomes more corporate and encompasses much more talking while at the same time saying a whole lot less.


Stick to sports was always just a mind-numbing cliche that actually meant “stick to sports because I don’t agree with your politics.” If said critic agreed with your political bent, then they would never hurl that pointless bromide at you.

Since being laid off from ESPN, McHenry has been vocal about claiming ESPN has a liberal bias, and that said supposed liberal bias, at least partially, led to her termination. These ideas are extremely laughable, especially given that every time you say the name Britt McHenry, the first thing that comes to mind (and probably always will) is the infamous towing company tirade that went insanely viral. 


Still, the #MAGA #AmericaFirst and other hate groups under the alt-right umbrella are now clinging to the idea of “MSESPN” (a pejorative in their world, as they believe ESPN to be as left-leaning a network as MSNBC).

This new catch-phrase, idiotic as it may be, conveys a bull marketplace of socially regressive ideas and Britt McHenry is tapping into it as she sparred with Kevin Durant, over his decision to not meet white supremacist sympathizer Donald Trump, and continues to mix it up in the Colin Kaepernick debate.

While most of her views are morally repugnant, at least she consistently addresses the trolls and puts herself out there. She’s also making the right call in shifting into the political arena right now; because clearly the sports media arena is diminishing.

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