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In past years Cable was a great source of entertainment for people. However, nowadays people are becoming very choosy and specific for their choice of content they want to see. They won’t bear long advertisements or boring television shows. To kill their time they want to see some hit and freshly released movies and seasons of television shows all at once and at one place without the restriction of any time.

For that users opt for subscription-based service providers such as Netflix, Hulu, DisneyPlus, etc. however these cable and subscriptions will highly charge you for their services. Little do the users know that they can get their desired movies and videos for free without even paying a single penny.So here is a list of some amazing platforms to watch free movies.


Fmovies is something very different from its competitive sites. It’s sort of a video aggregator that not only has movies and videos within itself, but it will provide links to Tv shows and videos available on other streaming services as well. Fmovies is best for someone looking for a variety of genres available in one place, such as thriller, comedy, animation, drama, action, adventure, kids, and family shows as well. Either you can watch videos directly on Fmovies or you can stream other networks through it, including

The Roku Channel, Vudu, Crackle, Tubi, and many others. If you want to filter-free movies available here from paid websites such as Netflix or Amazon prime, you can filter your results by free movies or free TV shows. You can watch movies on Fmovies via a web browser, smartphone, or smart TV. Tap on THIS RESOURCE from Fmovies to see which streaming services are supported by your device. You don’t need to register yourself on Fmovies to watch movies, however, signing in will help you keep track of your favorite movies and notifications about newly uploaded content.


Warner Media is famous for showing animated movies and cartoons in more than 200 countries. Animated movies are not only loved by kids, they are equally admired by adults as well. So Soap2day, owned by warner media provides free streaming resources for anime fans. The major genre here are animated movies in several languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean, etc. It also has anime content in drama, classic, thriller and romantic, etc. you will find all episodes of your favorite anime show here, for free.

Some movies are dubbed in English too and many of them provide English subtitles. You might need to watch advertisements along with streaming videos without registration. To watch videos you do not need to sign in, however, if you want to keep movies in your favorites to watch later, you need to signup for a free account. Apart from movies, famous shows, manga and games are also available at Soap2day.


Vudu was formerly owned by Walmart, however, it’s now owned by Fandango Media. Vudu is a digital video store and streaming service where you can rent or buy movies. You can watch unlimited free movies here by trading off with some advertisements. Free movies and shows are available in 27 categories including comedy, horror, thriller, romantic, documentaries, adventure, family, and kids shows.

You can filter the results by star-studded favorites, hidden gems, and most-watched categories. To instantly stream free movies, you just have to log in to Vudu for free by providing your name and email address. You just need to watch 1or 2 advertisements before getting started to watch your favorite movie. High-quality videos are available in SD and HDX quality. You can stream Vudu from any browser, android, Apple, PlayStation, Xbox, and Roku. To keep a track on what you have watched already and what you want to watch, you can see on My Vudu tab.


Popcorn flix recently owned by Chicken Soup for the soul entertainment in 2017 was previously owned by Screen Media ventures only. It is an advertisement-supported streaming service. Popcorflix is gemmed with a lot of genres including horror, comedy, suspense, thriller, documentary, family films, sci-Fi, action, and drama. Apart from this, you will find popular TV shows, viral videos, and web series here. A lot of independent films are uploaded here to encourage hidden talent. You need to see one or two previews before watching your desired movie or show.

You need to disable ad blockers for uninterrupted entertainment. however, you do not need to login to popcornflix to get started. Apart from this, more features are available as additional information about the movie is available, what other viewers commented on it, GIF created from the movie, and what’s the upcoming video next. So start streaming to Popcornflix instantly.


To watch advertisement free high-quality content, you must visit GoMovies.Go movies is one of the renowned websites among free online movie providers. Apart from movies, viewers can also see dramas, documentaries, and Tv serials here. The library is enhanced by the addition of many genres such as fantasy, horror, thriller, romantic and comedy, etc. as the site is updated regularly, the recently released movies and shows are continuously added here. To make streaming an easy experience for users, the things are sorted out in tabs like home, genre, country, etc. To make it a lavish watching experience you are not forced to subscribe or login to GoMovies. Just play movies at the ease of one click. The movies uploaded in high quality are also advertisement free and free of charges.GoMovies is a completely legit platform and safe to use.


Youtube is one of the most famous online streaming applications in all countries. It provides an opportunity for users to upload their own content here and watch the content of other users here. It is a big platform to watch any movie for free or watch any kind of video you can think about. Unlimited genres and titles are available on Youtube. While watching a movie you might need to see little advertisements. Tons of movies are kids friendly and tons of choice for family-friendly videos. The users are not obliged to make an account on Youtube to start watching videos. Just browse and play. The movie running on your screen will have closed captioning, quality, and screen mode adjustment.

Many users have a misconception that these free websites giving free content to watch can be harmful to their device, or they have hidden charges. To clear this misconception, we guarantee you that the above websites mentioned and reviewed are free of charge and are very safe for your device. They will not let any virus or malware enter your device. So surf the best movies now and start making your time a fun time.

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