TSB.net Bowl Picks Part 3: Big Bowls



By Paul M. Banks, David K. Peter Christian

Rose Bowl: Penn State vs. USC

DK: USC- Joe Paterno falls asleep in the third quarter when PSU is down three TD’s

PMB: PSU- Don’t sleep on the Lions, especially because I can’t see a reason why the Trojans would be up for this game.

PC: USC – Could shape up to be the best Rose Bowl since the USC-Texas National Championship

AT&T Cotton Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech

DK: Texas Tech- because I like pirates

PMB:TTU- Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for Harrell and Crabtree!

PC: Texas Tech – You think Mike Leach, Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree aren’t pissed they got screwed by stupid BCS rules limiting the number of BCS Bowl bound teams per conference? Look for them to take their anger out on Ole Miss.



Allstate Sugar Bowl: Utah vs. Alabama

DK: ‘Bama by 11 touchdowns

PMB: Utah- There’s a reason you hear a beehive state buzz coming from Salt Lake City, Kyle Whittingham’s boys are for real. Led by Brian Johnson, and their many skill position stars, look for them to upset the team led by the scummiest man in football.

PC: Utah – The upset of the 2008-09 Bowl Season. Repeat after me, THE SEC IS NOT THAT GOOD THIS YEAR. Alabama’s schedule was easier than Utah and Boise State’s.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs. Texas

DK: Texas- so they have more reason to bitch about the BCS

PMB: Texas- “Pryor” games this year show that Texas has more depth and athleticism than the Bucks, so hang on Sloopy, you’re in for another BCS blowout! Texas shouldn’t whine too much though, because they wouldn’t win if there were a playoff this year anyway.

PC: Texas – I wish Ohio St. and Alabama would have played so we could have called it the BCS Bowl Game with teams that don’t deserve to be there. Why is Ohio State in a BCS game instead of Boise St. or Texas Tech? Because the BCS sucks at life.
FedEx BCS National Championship Game: Florida vs. Oklahoma

DK: Florida- just to further stir the Big 12 being dumb pot

PMB: Oklahoma- Sam Bradford is better than Tim Tebow. Period. His team is better than Tebow’s. His conference and the competition he played against is way better than UF’s. Accept it Securities and Exchange Commission..whoops I mean South Eastern Conference. Boomer Sooner by 3 TDs or more.

PC: Oklahoma – Can I just reiterate my point that the Big 12 South is the best Football Division in the history of college football? Their 2008-09 resume will read: Oklahoma – National Champ, Texas – #2 Final rankings, Texas Tech – #6 Final Rankings, Oklahoma State – #10 Final Rankings. I don’t have a research assistant to look things up, so I’ll just guess that there has never been a division within a conference that has had 4 teams among the top ten in the country in the final standings. Never. I think.

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  1. The dirtiest guy I know emailed me that Ok fan sporting the cleavage pic. (of course, given the angle by which this picture was taken, I’m sure you’ve figured out that the source of this photo isn’t the most standup guy.

    I doubt he thought I would make so much use of this picture however

  2. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    Nice picture! OK is going to roll UF! Roll Sooner! whoops I meant to say Boomer Tide…Im just retarded nevermind

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