TSB.net Bowl Picks 2: Serviceable Bowl Games



By Paul M. Banks, David K. and Peter Christian

Valero Alamo Bowl: Missouri vs. Northwestern

David K.: Missouri- sorry Paul, Chase beats your boys

Paul M. Banks: Northwestern- First NU bowl game victory since 1949! Huzzah!!!..ok probably not so much. I’m picking Missouri too. I’ll get nerdy with an in-depth profile of this game later.

Peter Christian: Mizzou – Might be the highest scoring bowl game this year that people actually watch.

Pacific Life Holiday: Oklahoma State vs. Oregon

DK: Oregon- some media member needs to piss Mike Gundy off again

PMB: Ok St.- because T. Boone Pickens is way too rich and powerful to let Oregon win. This should bring more awareness to the Pickens Plan.

PC: Oklahoma State – This game will further prove that the Big XII South was historically great this year.



Insight Bowl: Kansas vs. Minnesota

DK: Kansas- Brewster’s Gophers further their end of the season crapping-the-bed manuevers

PMB: Kansas- here’s an insight for you: Mark Mangino should pay Stewie from “Family Guy” to follow him around and play the tuba. (clip below)

PC: Minnesota – Not even a homer pick here. I just have faith that Brewster can pull off his best Glen Mason impersonation and win a game that everyone has written off as worthless.


Chick-fil-a Bowl: LSU vs. Georgia Tech

DK: LSU- I think McLovin should be honorary captain… chicka chicka fake-chicka I-chicka d

PMB: Georgia Tech- This is one of the better Peach Bowl match-up of recent years. Yes I called it the Peach Bowl, because the fast food chain is not giving ME royalties to plug them.

PC: Georgia Tech – Further proof that the SEC is down this year. GT already stomped Georgia, LSU is next.

Outback Bowl: South Carolina vs. Iowa

DK: Iowa- the only bowl game the Big Ten wins

PMB: Iowa- because Mitch King needs to increase his draft stock a little bit more, and on the other sideline, the visor man is not a big factor anymore.

PC: Iowa – Why didn’t Iowa get the (slightly) more prestigious Capital One Bowl for a better match-up against Georgia? Because the Big Ten needed to guarantee they would be favored in at least one bowl game.


Capital One Bowl: Georgia vs. Michigan State

DK: Georgia- I’d actually watch this game to see Moreno vs. Ringer

PMB: UGA- A great Citrus Bowl matchup featuring a good Sparty team. That’s right I called it the Citrus Bowl, it’s proper non-corporatocracy name

PC: Georgia – This game looks like a blow-out on paper, it will be closer than you think.

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl: Clemson vs. Nebraska

DK: Clemson- apparently Konica Minolta is the essentials of imaging

PMB: NU- led by QB Joe Ganz, from Palos Heights, Stagg High School, SICA!!!!

PC: Nebraska – Yes, the Big XII is that good.

Auto Zone Liberty Bowl: Kentucky vs. East Carolina

DK: East Carolina… since I have no smart-ass comment, I’ll let you know that Jeff Blake went to ECU

PC: East Carolina – I will continue David K.’s rhetoric and let you know that 2008 Fantasy Football Sensation Tyler Thigpen also was a Pirate at ECU.

PMB: ECU- Since we’ve run out of Pirate jokes and former ECU football stars, I’ll let you know that former Utah Jazz forward Blue Edwards played at East Carolina

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  1. Wow this ended up even snarkier and sillier than part one…Even though she admits she knows nothing about college football, my Mom loved this bit last year, I hope she enjoys reading it this year.

  2. The Statue of Harold Baines says

    That Baby Stewie video rocks. And big ups to the SICA…holla at Ganzer

  3. Santana Mahana says

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