Take It To The Bank, Week 8 CFB!



By Paul Schmidt

So we’re a little late getting picks up this week, but then, I didn’t like the early games this week anyway.  You have to manage your payroll and part of that is not wagering on games you don’t like.  I mean…who wants to bet on Illinois and Purdue?  No matter what the spread???

Couldn’t continue my undefeated roll, but I did go 2-1-1, and I still maintain I should have been 3-1.  I mean, how in the world does Texas not blow Oklahoma out…WITH BRADFORD ON THE SIDELINES HURT???  Arrrrrgh….

So here’s this week’s picks.  No frills, just go make money!

Texas A&M (+21.5) at Texas Tech
The Aggies got blown out of the water last week against a really very average Kansas State team (we’re talking 63-14).  So I would imagine that an offense that can be as prolific as Texas Tech’s can absolutely blow them away.  That’s the theory anyway…Pick: Texas Tech -21.5

Texas (-13) at Missouri
One of my biggest rules is when the general public flocks to a side, you go the other direction.  All week I’ve been hearing about how Mizzou can and will win this game. That would make me a little bit nervous if I was wagering on the Tigers this weekend…Pick: Texas -13

Idaho (+15.5) at Nevada
As you all know at this point…I love my Central Michigan Chippewas…and I love my Idaho Vandals.  This is a ridiculous line. Pick: Idaho +15.5

Iowa (+1) at Michigan State
Really?  What does Iowa have to do to prove themselves to you people??  Iowa wins this by more than a touchdown. Pick: Iowa +1

Last Week: 2-1-1
Season Record 15-11-2


  1. How the fuck was Iowa on underdog…yes Michigan st had won the previous 4 heading into it, but still….Iowa is winning ugly, make that winning hideously. their last loss….wait for it….wait hold on..get this, their last loss, was actually…in Champign!!!! nov 1, 2008. unbelieivable, considering Illinois no longer fields a div 1 fbs football program

  2. “I love my Idaho Vandals. This is a ridiculous line. Pick: Idaho +15.5”

    the only thing that was ridiculous was the 70-45 final score… other than that, 3 for 3… well done… even tho Iowa was by the skin of your balls…

    i’m drunk

  3. Paul Schmidt says

    I still love my Vandals…that was their first loss against the spread this season actually…

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