Northwestern Linemen “Jugs Machine” Challenge (video)



Get ready for the Jugs Machine! Sounds like a nickname for Pamela Anderson. Wait, she’s kind of a gross thought today, sounds like 1993 Pamela Anderson.

Being a punt returner is serious business. Fielding a high kick is no small task by itself, but it’s made that much harder when you have to concentrate on the ball, and be aware that very large men are speeding towards you with the sole intent of destroying you. But what happens when instead of a fast, low center-of-gravity back is returning a punt, you get the big boys in the trenches doing it?

check out the video below of a linemen jugs machine challenge at Northwestern.

Of course, these big uglies don’t have to worry about contact after the catch- it’s just spring practice. They only need to worry about being made fun of for not having very good hands, by the rest of the team watching the entertaining show of skill. Or non-skill. Either way, it made spring drills more exciting.

The video ends with a last man standing competition to decide it all after the linemen were forced to spin in circles. Sophomore DL Tyler Scott bests junior OL Bryan Mulroe in the end.

h/t Lost Lettermen

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