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No one cares about the Pro Bowl. And the NHL All-Star game is too obscure to even rip on.

So what will you do on this football-less weekend?

Well, I have some ideas from when Nike was gracious enough to set me up for the 2010 Football Media Summit at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. I met a lot of football writers who told me about their…well if they were comedians, their “bits.” The signature segment if you will.

With this site, it’s clearly the mock drafts. Sure, the picture galleries of swimsuit models/cheerleaders/pagaent winners turned sideline reporters gets more traffic. As do the photo galleries of the most aesthetically pleasing female athletes out there.

But our mocks are #1.

The Sports Bank was graded as the most accurate 2011 NBA Mock Draft on the web. Our NHL mock draft was the most accurate of any created by any Non-Canadian. Our NFL mock draft is extremely in-depth and nerdy. But also entertaining and filled with eye candy pics at the same time.

The mocks are great, but in my heart Brutally Honest Game Preview, now known as Brutally Honest Preview, is quite possibly my favorite reoccurring segment on The Sports Bank.

Here’s the links to our 5 most popular

2010 THE GAME #9 Ohio State vs. Michigan: one of the funnest games I ever covered

2011 #12 Penn State vs. #19 Nebraska: the first game in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky atrocities and firing of Joe Paterno

2011 #3 Oregon Ducks vs. #4 LSU Tigers: By far the biggest game of opening weekend

 2011 #1 LSU Tigers vs. #2 Alabama Crimson Tide: The game of the century; which ended in a 9-6 OT decision

2011 BCS National Title game: I ranked Alabama as #1 in my preseason 77 in 77 rankings. Almost everyone had them #3 or #2. And I picked them to win this game. I was right, you were wrong.

2011 #16 Michigan vs. Ohio State THE GAME: This was so big Kate Upton showed up to root for the Wolverines, the team featured the most by far in brutally honest preview.

michigan vs. ohio state

In 2010, I would try to do 1-2 of these previews a week, one would be whatever game I was covering, the other a relevant game of national interest. The problem was I previewed too many boring blowout games with lame mid-majors. Therefore in 2011, I switched to two games that should all be close and were interesting each week.

Therefore, I feel 2010 inflated my picks record (44-19) some, but I feel 2011 more than compensated.

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