Playboy modeling Mississippi State Cheerleader Taylor Corley: where is she today?


taylor corley

Update: Taylor Corley a.k.a. Taylor Stone is a real estate in Jacksonville, Florida

Remember Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corley who did Playboy under the “pseudonym” of Taylor Stone and lost her Mississippi State cheerleader scholarship because of it. (Don’t laugh, colleges actually do give out scholarships for cheerleading). This happened a couple years ago. Well that freshman Mississippi State cheerleader left school and made an appearance on the web television show “The College Experiment.”

That Mississippi State cheerleader pursued a career in reality tv that was to begin with a series entitled “Girl Swag” on MTV. Well, all episodes of “Girl Swag” are about as real as Lennay Kakua.


At TSB, all our photos and outbound links are safe for work, so if you want to see Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corley’s NSFW spread as Taylor Stone you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Taylor Corley or Taylor Stone may still collect checks from Playboy, I’m not sure.

Maybe Girls Gone Wild is a natural fit for Corley, but as we learned yesterday, they have some financial issues to straighten out right now. Corley does have a Twitter account with 1,400 followers, but a lot of her tweets are in broken English, and often look like this:


It’s clear she doesn’t have any agents/brand managers watching over her, but don’t judge too much because think about the 20 year old version of ourselves…

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