Johnny Football Caught Underage Drinking (photos)



After dominating the Oklahoma Sooners in the Cotton BowlHeisman Trophy winning quarterback Johnny Manziel, better known as Johnny Football, hit up the Winstar World Casino and won big.


Being 18-years old and gambling in the casino isn’t illegal, as Mr. Football pointed out on twitter. However, on Saturday night, Johnny Football and his friends hit up Avenu Lounge in Dallas. An over 21 establishment.


According to TMZ, Johnny was partying with a small group of people in the area behind the DJ booth, where he popped Dom Perignon and played with sparklers.

Johnny turns 21 next December.


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  1. Texan In Sumatra says

    As I’m sure others have no doubt posted by now, his parents were with him at the club (and in some of the photos).

    In the Great State of Texas as long as his parents (or legal guardian) are with him it doesn’t matter whether he’s 21, 20, or 15 it is legal for him to drink as long as they allow him to.

    Besides, a college student drinking (even an underage college student drinking) is hardly a newsworthy event.

    And if you ARE going to bother reporting it, you need to check your facts before declaring it to be an illegal act.

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