Erin Andrews Gives CANDID Interview in August Marie Claire Magazine


Two years after the infamous peephole video, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews still can’t escape it – even though she put her stalker behind bars. As Andrews gears up for college football season, and her increased media presence that always accompanies it, she sat down with Marie Claire to discuss the public and private battles she’s still waging. Below you will find an excerpt from the story, “The Haunting of Erin Andrews,” which appears in the August issue of the magazine as well as the magazine cover image.

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How did you cope psychologically with the knowledge that strangers would be seeing you in the nude?

That was the hardest thing. Despite what I do for a living, I am very insecure about my body. I don’t have a complex, but for every woman — I don’t care who you are — there’s a part of your body you have issues with. It was my body, and I didn’t have a choice of how many people got to see it. What people don’t understand is that while I wasn’t physically touched, I was violated.

The day that I got the phone call that this was on the Internet, I didn’t want to get undressed. I didn’t change my clothes for two or three days. I was so screwed up. I was disgusted with myself; I was disgusted with my body, with being naked, and that everybody saw that it was me. I stopped going to my gym for six or seven months because I was afraid of people seeing me working out. I had this mind-set of, “Oh, my gosh, everybody’s seen me naked and they’re going to think to themselves, She should be so embarrassed.”

The first site to run the video was in Europe. Then a sports blog linked to it — and rumors spread that you might have been behind the whole thing.

Yes, the perception right away was: She’s doing this as a sex tape. She’s doing this for publicity. News sites claimed they showed the video because it was “news.” These news outlets were having so much fun with it. The New York Post put the images from the video up on the front page. The Early Showplayed clips on their show. Fox News showed stills. It was disgusting. My poor dad was watching this. He had to go on medication, he was so upset watching what was happening to his daughter.

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  1. BARKAT KHAN says

    hi, just wana be in a dream team quite interesting with members

    of the show, since the last week you guys you were quite amaizing in the show, i had real aprrciated that

  2. Doug berry says

    I agree with erin that she was violated and that weirdo freak deserved to go to jail for much longer but if there is a bright side i don’t think erin has anything to be ashamed of because EVERYONE knows she’s very beautuful highly intelligent successful young lady who IMO has gained a lot of fan support over her ordeal. I ma not in anyway trying to downplay what she ahas been thru but i think the execs at espn who she works for are probbaly very impressed in how strong she has remained throughout her nightmare and continued to do her job and very well may i ad.
    best wishes for miss Andrews and for the record she has nothing to be insecure about. where i come from she would be considered a “10” all day long

  3. Bob Fishbein says

    I began following this young lady two years ago when my wife became ill. We watched her on DWTS. She was so honest, so upfront so pleasant and so professional. As a father of a daughter one year younger and high school administrator of almost 40,000 students over the years, I have a good idea about young ladies like Erin Andrews. She is a role model for young woman and is what I preached for years. Do not back down and don’t let anyone steal your dreams. She works in a good old boys environment and has to work even harder. Being attractive and very bright, is challenging which is also the case for my daughter as a manager of all men.
    Ms. Andrews once made a comment which stuck to me. What do I tell my children and my husband one day about this incident?
    You tell them you made the individual accountable for this insult and that they should feel blessed that they have a wife and mother who had an excellent upbringing and helped so many others, including herself do get it going again for herself.
    Obviously this young lady comes from a great family and that has helped immensely. Boo Birds are part of life I have had more than my share and I challenged them.
    Ms. Andrews has also been an inspiration for me when my wife was ill the second time and I am finishing a fiction book on the life of a female broadcaster and working on my next book. Thank You

  4. Quinn Cureton says

    Just forget about it Erin. We all like and respect you. You are an outstanding professional, and a great model for girls and young women throughout the country. Glad that sicko got what he deserved. Keep up the good work!

  5. Frank gotohell says

    I’m glad the little bitch got seen naked. She is nothing but a cunt anyway. Violated my ass. Big Deal.

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