Erin Andrews Acolytes have Started Worshipping Jenn Brown



Apparently, there’s a new heiress to the  supposed “Sideline Princess” throne. Watch tonight with the Thursday night college football game of the week.

ESPN’s Jenn Brown is a former bikini model (which obviously gave her more journalistic credentials than even Medill graduates) and gymnast (again making her clearly more qualified in news reporting than the thousands of experienced j-school grads dying for her job). She also attended the same school (University of Florida) as the reigning Media Princess Erin Andrews.

Jenn’s original appearance in 2009 inspired a huge buzz on Twitter, the search engines, pretty much anything social media this past weekend.  jenn-brown-bluejeans

It also inspired a ton of new posts on the web which all ask the same exact question “Is Jenn Brown the Next Erin Andrews?”Seriously, it’s humorously amazing how all of the headlines on multiple sites ended up with pretty much the exact same headline…back then.

-Hollywood held a poll asking “who would you rather…” And let’s the reader fill in the blank. I voted, assuming they wanted my input as to which of the two I’d rather discuss Hegelian metaphysics with.

articulated the story arc of Brown’s career

“Jenn Brown went from being some chick who worked for Inside The NFL, to a chick who worked for ESPNU, to “that chick who just had a feature on Colt McCoy while playing billiards…And then our hit counter went nuts with Jenn Brown search results.”

-Tech Banyan explained her collegiate professional roots

“Jenn Brown said her career in sports casting was an accident. She was a criminology student in Florida and intended to go to law school.  Then a friend asked her if she could fill in and be a model on “Bikini Destinations,” an HDNet show. After that Brown was offered a host spot on the show, then she hosted HDNet’s “The Wild Side.”

-A blog dedicated to TV Anchor Babes turned our attention to the fact that ESPN brought out its hottie triplets that fall Saturday: Andrews, Brown and Wendi Nix.

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  1. Peter Christian says

    Jenn’s profile of McCoy shown on Sportscenter was less revealing about Colt than it was a window in to a world that has Jenn in it. Welcome to the scene Jenn, I don’t even remember what Colt said. Not. One. Word.

  2. HA HA…he’s not the best interview subject. Kind of has all the trite and rehearsed answers all down pat.

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