College Football 77 in 77: #71 Ole Miss Rebels



With the possible exception of Vanderbilt, this probably the worst team in the SEC. Which usually makes you pretty good. It’s like being fat…by supermodel standards. You’re still in very good shape.  What the Ole Miss Rebels need, in addition to a more contemporary nickname, is an overhaul on defense. They were abysmal last year, especially so against the pass.  They only return three starters on that side of the ball, and that may be a good thing.

On the flipside they have a very strong offensive line (hey, this is the school of “The Blind Side” Michael Oher after all) and a solid running game. Will it be enough to make a bowl game? Expectations are always high in a land where college football is king year round.

By Paul M. Banks

2010 was: a punch to the gut. Houston Nutt, and how awesome is it to say that name: Houston Nutt? Like I was saying Houston Nutt suffered a devastating 49-48 OT loss to Jacksonville St on opening weekend. That whole Jeremiah Masoli thing didn’t work out and the team never recovered. The NCAA did give them a favorable ruling on speed rushing end Kentrell Lockett, he’ll be key this year.

BMOCs: Lockett, workhorse back Brandon Bolden, who figures to be one of the SEC’s best backs. Behind him on the depth chart is the speedy Jeff Scott, Tyler Campbell is the NCAA’s punting returning champion. Freshman C.J. Johnson is a highly rated recruit, and he could fill in for D.T. Shackelford. How cool a name is that to say. If you’re D.T. Shackelford, you’re either a defensive lineman, or a Welsh Lord with many tapestries in his castle. There’s nothing else you can be.

2011 will be fruitful if: 5’10” QB Randall Mackey is the real deal. He’s the biggest question mark, as this team had little balance on offense last year. The wide receivers look very weak on paper. If anyone emerges there, and the offense plays well enough to keep it close, than a very solid special teams could make the difference between Ws and Ls.

2011 will be awful if: They don’t pull off any upsets, and a young inexperienced front seven fails to grow up quickly. This team could very easily struggle massively against the pass, and in passing the ball themselves.

Bottom Line: Will this team make a bowl game? Win even 5 games? Uhmmmmmmmm, did I mention how hot your cheerleaders/dance team/twirlers/female fans are? (see pics in this post) At you least guys have that going for you; which is nice. And it’s warm where you are most of the year.


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